To my preceptor, future students beware (rant) - page 7

Dear Preceptor, This past spring 2010 semester, I was assigned to you for a whole semester to learn the ins and outs of being a nurse independent from my classmates. It was just you and I. I was excited when I began this... Read More

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    What's worse, a lazy preceptor, or a preceptor who says you did great and then goes to her manager, saying I was unsafe in my practice. Lies, all lies. How do I defend myself against her lies? This will kill my career before it even begins. I'm now left with missing body parts from being eaten, as well as nothing extra to put on my resume. Thankfully, this practicum was just an elective. Otherwise, I would be more screwed.

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    I hope that the other nurses who witnessed the preceptor behaving unprofessional but did nothing to stop the preceptor were scolded as well. Doing nothing to stop evil is worse than doing evil.
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