My aunt is a 92yo working nurse and would like to nominate her for nurse of the year - page 3

My Great Aunt has been a nurse since she was in her twenties and now she is 92 years old. She is still working as an Rn at a nursing facility, full time and still does double shifts. She takes care of people who are by far... Read More

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    This is so sweet and really cheered me up.

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    Let me know, I will vote!!! Keep us posted!!
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    She would also be a phenominal guest of honor/ speaker at some schools' graduation classes.
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    I'd be happy to highlight her story on! Sounds like an amazing woman! Please contact us through the Admin Help Desk with contact info, so we can learn more and and create an article and promote to millions of nurses online
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    Wow! 92 yrs. young!!! and still going. The oldest i've seen a nurse work was a 78 yr. old these ladies are a true inspiration.

    Good luck
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    That is unbelievably amazing. She got my vote!
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    Wow, that is so great. I love to hear those kinds of stories. She must really love her work and find it rewarding to keep her so motivated. I am in nursing school now, and I hope I find a job I love that much when I am done. : )

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