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At our staff meeting yesterday we were told that hand lotions can no longer be kept in our report room unless we have the corresponding information stored in our MSDS binder. Just how ridiculous... Read More

  1. by   Gompers
    Quote from tntrn
    We do have some of the foam hand cleaners in every room now, but that has proven to be just as drying and damaging to my hands as the soap and water. I might try my own brand of that. This morning, my hands feel like sandpaper.
    Our unit uses an antibacterial hand gel from Richmond Labratories, called Stat-Rinse. If your hands are already broken down, then of course it will sting as it is alcohol-based. BUT if your hands are intact, it's actually really nice. There is an emmolliant in it that protects your hands. I use it much more often than washing with soap and water, and it's actually what our ID told us to do - like 1 hand wash to 10 "gel washes"

    Maybe you guys could trial it? The same brand also makes a lotion, the one I referred to before, and it's pretty decent stuff.
  2. by   live4today
    Quote from mattsmom81
    LOL! yes Renee...I much of this seems to be a strong arm attempt to control NURSES as a group, and direct/dictate to us us at every turn.

    Sometimes I get the sense management is really frightened we will organize and rise up against democracy against communism.

    What we could accomplish ...if only we could unite....I dream.
    Yeah, I can picture the organized nurses movement on the move in me head right now:uhoh21: ..........The nurses are coming, the nurses are coming....what will we do when the nurses rise and speak for themselves!!! NURSE POWER!!! Yahooooooooo!!!
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    Don't laugh but I did work at a place that instructed nurses on what type of panties to wear. I actually sat in a staff meeting and was lectured on the proper type of undies. I thought I was being as approiate as the presenter when I asked: 1. How this improved patient care? 2. Was the panty police going to be assigned daily or was it an honor system?
    I too have sat through one of those staff meetings. What type of undies we are to wear is actually documented in our dress code/written policy.