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From an editorial in the March issue of the American Journal of Critical Care, by Ruth E. Malone, RN, PhD: Every week, 52 weeks a year, some 8000 people in this country die from tobacco-related diseases, their lives ended... Read More

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    Oh Yeah........Mario

    Here are the rates of smoking for the countries you are talking about:

    Australia- 27% of men smoke, 23% of women smoke
    USA- 28% of men smoke, 23 % of women smoke
    Canada- 31% of men smoke, 29% of women smoke

    I live in Canada, we have access to tons of types of cigarettes. Your statement regarding down under is just not true. Get the facts Jack.

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    So many of the nurses that I know, who do smoke, tell me it is stress related. I work in ICU and the stress level can be high. This seems to me to be the point that so many nurses break down at. They try to quit, but then face a wall of stress and HAVE to GO OUTSIDE for a break and then........ well you know what then.

    Could an effective stradegy be devised for nurses, with stress reduction a large part of it. Let's face it, they know the bad stuff about smoking, but many are in denial. Could the stradegy be about giving the stressed nurses something ( no, not a donut) other than smoking to deal with the stress. I am trying to study for a pulmonary exam later today, BUT keep thinking about this subject. I am just blue-skying here, but what if there was a place to go, other than the butt-hut, a way to deal with the stress in small increments?? Let me think about some more........ I mean we can't just give up!

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