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Greetings! I have never posted in here and I am not a nurse. I found your forum doing a google search about nurse misrepresentation in Arizona. I was in a (not at my fault) motor vehicle accident involving 3 cars over a year... Read More

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    You would not be crossing a legal line by just calling and saying, "May I speak to Susie X?" and if she answers hanging up!
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    She could be a travelling nurse from another state, but do they have 10 year assignments? Did she list her employer? If yes, call there to ask to speak to her, using a blocked number so she can't determine whether you are trying to do recon on her.
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    Google her name, address, phone, her husband's name, and check facebook, and any other site. If she does lie about having a nursing license, she'll be prosecuted in the end. And if she is a licensed nurse, and lies under oath, or on court documents, that's grounds to have her license revoked by the BON,
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    That is a good idea. I will try that out too. Thanks!
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    We wish you the best - contacting an attorney is the best advice.

    Per our terms of service, we can't offer legal advice.
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    Arizona is a compact state:
    Multi-State Licensure
    (The Compact is for RN's and LPN's only and does not include Advance Practice Nurses)

    The mutual recognition model of nurse licensure allows a nurse to have one license (in his or her state of residency) and to practice in other states (both physical and electronic), subject to each state's practice law and regulation. Under mutual recognition, a nurse may practice across state lines unless otherwise restricted.

    Arizona State Board of Nursing | Multistate Licensure
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