Minimum Requirement for Ceiling Lift???

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    I work in home health for a fully vent-dependent quadriplegic. Currently, his family member assists with getting him out of bed in the morning, but they are wanting to put it all on nursing staff. In a hospital setting, especially with a vent, it would always be a two-assist for me to operate a ceiling lift. Just wanted to get a feel for what opinions were on operating it independently??? I don't want to cause a problem where there is none, but I also want to make sure I am within scope and not risking my license doing it. Nebraska...

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    I don't think "scope of practice" or your license is the issue.

    Is it safe to operate on your own? If not, don't do it.

    What does the manufacturer reccomend?
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    More often than not moving and repositioning with a ceiling lift is done with just one person where I work, including vented patients. You could argue that everything is safer with more people helping, although I don't find slinging with just one person to be particularly reckless.
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    I agree that you ought to follow manufacturer recommendations. Contact the vendor or go online to their website. Don't risk your back. I do not see how your license is an issue.
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    When I was a Home Health Aide, I regularly operated lifts on my own. I never had an issue.

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