Message to sjoe...regarding book..NURSE ABUSE

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    Yes! the author you mentioned...thats the one!

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    sjoe..Nurse Abuse..the BOOK ..two authors.....with a total of 10 other writers contributing to the book. Excellent resource ....should be mandatory reading for all student nurses..A good prep for what to expect in the hospitals!
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    Please tell me more about this book, the authors, date of publication (ISBN #), and where I may obtain it. This may be an excellent resource for my ADN students. Thanks.
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    I found the website for this book. Here is the websit
    It also gives the ISBN # on this page. Thank you for discussing this book!
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    Buy one..and for gosh sakes..past it around! Maybe a "lending library"....have them sign it out..and back you can remember who you "loaned" it too...
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    Thanks for the tip.

    I got the book ( Nurse Abuse) its excellent

    They should make it manditory reading
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    wisdom writes: "They should make it manditory [sic] reading"

    BEFORE applying to any nursing school.
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    or making a lifelong career choice! So much hard work making it thru school...spending all that money, time and effort...
    Definetly "A READ" BEFORE applying...
    I enjoyed the part...where they say the hospitals COUNT on nurses feeling "concerned" about patient care...when truly the hospitals only concern is "APPEARING to be concerned about patient safety and care"...when it really cares about INCOME ONLY
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    Thanks, all. This looks like the book I have been looking for!

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