Manager wrote defaming remark on IR that also goes to county - page 2

The NOC nurse told me of unusual bumps on patient's genital area and we were to put a certain PRN ointment on it but she hadn't written an IR so I offered to do it. The IR came back with the manager's remark that she was curious... Read More

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    is there any way that you can add a comment/response to the mgr's remark?
    for example, "i don't understand what you are asking, since i have already stated that i am following up on noc nurse's concern."
    (hopefully you're ir will indicate the aforementioned. ;p)
    otherwise and if able, try to let it go.
    i agree with the poster who believes it makes the mgr's comment questionable, not yours.

    from hereonin, be even more articulate and detailed in your reports/notes, so that any questions will look silly and/or antagonistic.
    in the meantime, offer your mgr a big, cold drink so that she can swallow her zillion suck pills.


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    Quote from leslie :-D
    in the meantime, offer your mgr a big, cold drink so that she can swallow her zillion suck pills.

    Ah, the clarity of a leslie :-D post. Refreshing.
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    Whenever I made a meds error, I had to sign the IR at some point. (Not the same issue, but the same principle applies) My lawyer mom's suggestion was to add any pertinent comments just below my signature, but running into the signature, so they couldn't white it out later on -- thus making me seem guilty as opposed to simply careless and/or negligent.
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    This is almost like your manager asking you why you are doing your body systems assessments .
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    Write an incident report about the comment and how inappropriate it was! Submit it to her supervisor.
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    Clearly she is not a nurse. I would be mad yes, but I would just move on. If she uses this as evidence against you, she'll be discredited.

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