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  1. 0 Anyone else's hospital suffering from low census a a lot recently? Every time I turn around I am on call or floated. At least floating I am getting paid since I have no time left to cover all these on call days
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    Yes. My workplace is afflicted by low census right now. However, I really do not mind having my shifts cancelled every once in a while. Enjoying an unexpected day off is good for my physical and mental health.
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    I've been low censused twice this week. I enjoyed the days off, as I had stuff to take care of. But at the same time, I need the money. Is it something in the air, that no sick people are coming to the ED? Because even the ED was not so busy.
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    We've been mostly packed to the rafters... And, I really hate to come in to 10+ empty beds, because no doubt we will get hammered later...
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    Low census here as well.... seems like I float more than work my 'normal' job. It's better than nothing I guess
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    Our census is picking up now. But very low from January through mid March.
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    In Florida, we are still in "season" and are super packed, but soon the snowbirds will go home and we will have a nice slow summer. Can't wait. Flex me, please!

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