Looking for unsafe staffing form/ideas

  1. I have had it working in an ED where my 2nd RN has no idea which way is up, and a tech.
    I want to start notifying TBTB about this and am looking for ideas for a form I can fill out and forward through to everybody and their brother.

    If your facility uses a form, and you can fax me one, it would be even better. Please PM me for fax number if you are willing to do this for me.

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  3. by   DelGR
    Are you affiliated with a union? The constituent members of the ANA usually have a formal unsafe staffing form that you fill out and send to them. Usually you keep the original or a copy, give a copy to the nurse manager and one gets faxed to the constituent member of ANA. Some unsafe staffing forms are titled -- Assignment Despite Opposition or Assignment Against Protest.
    You could always do a Report of Contact or Memo and give a copy to your Nurse Manager. At least they (management) get put on notice that something is wrong and will have to bear some of the responsibility if anything happens to a patient.
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    just keep documenting and always keep a certified copy for yourself