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Looking for chest tube competency

  1. 0 I am looking for an adult chest tube competency, anybody know of one?

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    What do you mean exactly? Are you looking for a procedure? Checklist for competency validation? Instructional module? If you are employed, please refer to your organization's policies first. If you're an educator looking for resources, I would recommend a visit to the educator's forum.

    Education does not = competency. Clinical competency can only be validated 'in practice' - as it is done with an actual patient. Educational materials, processes & tools can get you to that desired outcome.
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    I recommend contacting the company that makes the brand of drainage systems your facility uses. The rep generally is able to get me those type things. If nothing else, the "how to" directions can be developed into a checklist. Of course, that won't cover how to assess patient, etc.
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    Go to the Atrium website...lots of powerpoints and post-tests you can use.