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OK, this is just my personal rant for the day (maybe week, we'll see) and even though I am probably going to come across as looking petty/catty, I'm going to let it fly anyway. Even if noone is... Read More

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    I understand. It's hard. I was born in my city and have lived my whole life in my city and worked hard to gain knowledge and experience in nursing. I'm struggling trying to make ends meet with a part-time position and a per diem. I have a family. Every organization when filling out an application asks what race. I know they have to try to meet hiring so many minorities. I know for a fact that they've given jobs to minorities over me becuase they need to meet certain amount for regulation/government. That is racist toward me. Anybody would feel the same if your home country was giving away jobs to those coming from another country before their own citizens. It's like okay then I guess for every new college grad that immigrates to US one citizen from US shouldn't have to move to another country because we're being displaced.
    Every time I fill out an application and put down that I'm a "white female" I wonder if I'm instantly disqualifying myself because they need a male or someone from a different ethnic background. It's crazy. I know I have the option not to answer, but I'd rather not waste my time being sent on interviews to places where they need a minority and a white female is not a minority in nursing. It's really unsettling when you personally know people you went to school with who are bordering on incompetent, but they are employed simply because they fit into the right box.
    Thanks for reading it, Bluedevil,DNP. I just wanted everyone to understand that some companies have little choice but to outsource some of their services. The way businesses are taxed today, it is almost suicidal for the corporation not to outsource something. And YES, businesses are taxed to high heaven. And President Obama is about to make it even tougher on them. This will lead to more outsourcing for not just wider profit margins, but also for survival in many cases. The Affordable Health Insurance act (Obamacare), while it has its good components, is going to DEVASTATE many businesses bottom lines. Noble as the intention behind it is... So outsourcing is going to be the SAVIOR of many Americans who are CURRENTLY employed. This must be balanced against The jobs that may not be had by job seekers.