Know of any good/legit online BLS renewal course?

  1. 0 My BLS cert will expire the end of this month. I need to renew it. Does anyone know of any good/legit online BLS renewal course?
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    There have been recent discussions about this exact topic. Click on the "tag" for CPR below your post and you can find a couple.

    My advice is to check with your facility/agency and make sure they accept online recerts. My facility will not accept online as there is often no return demonstration/hands on portion of the course.
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    I believe the American Heart Association has online courses. However, you must go to a facility after you've taken the course to demonstrate your skills to an instructor in order to pass.
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    Took ACLS, and PALS online through "" Had to provide the name of someone who would verify my skills. All well and good until my employer tried to verify my credentials with the company. Couldn't get a reply by mail, phone, or email. Left me out in the cold for the cost of the courses.
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    No "legit" agencies provide 100% online - you still have to go in person for a skills checkoff.
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    I did mine with AHA. Then I went at the beginning of a BLS class and did the exam on the dummies. it took all of 10min!
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    Thank you!
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    I know this thread has come back from the dead, but I'll add to it anyway. I've done my BLS and ACLS renewals online through AHA. After completing the coursework, I printed my certificate and went to my local testing center to demonstrate the hands-on skills. Easy, fast...and because it was through the AHA, I have no problem with getting my cards or having my credentials verified.

    Keep in mind that most hospitals and employers specifically require AHA courses.
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