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Kitty litter as an order - page 3

Actually, I thought it was kind of cool! We have a patient with real bad wounds. +cdif, + MRSA. Needless to say the smell was overwhelming in the room. We have used those carbon air fresheners in... Read More

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    Quote from GrumpyRN63
    Does pharmacy dispense it?? or do we trot off to walgreens?
    LOL, I was thinking the same thing! I can just see Central Supply saying "are you serious??"

    I honestly didn't imagine this would work, but so many of you have agreed. I always thought it only worked if the nasty stuff was IN the litter. And since I've never found a litter for my cats that's made me 100% happy, I didn't think it'd work at all. Go figure.
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    Not to be a nerd, but would you need an MSDS sheet for kitty litter?

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