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Just got a job- next steps

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I just joined this today so I hope I'm not asking a redundant question. As I said in the topic, I just got hired on a med/surg floor. Tomorrow I have to see a doctor for a ppd and visit HR to do some paperwork. This might be a silly question, but what should I wear? Are dress pants appropriate or is casual clothing acceptable? I wore a suit to the interview so I want to make sure I'm keeping up my appearances. Thank you all for your help in advance! In very excited but very nervous and I want to make sure I make a good impression!
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    Anything but jeans is probably fine.
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    Business casual. I'd say that until you start when you see them be mindful if your appearance. I'd be careful about too much skin showing, excessive makeup, tattoos... Keep in mind the "culture" of the organization.
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    Thanks so much for your help! That's what I was thinking.
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    Business casual.. smile , smile, smile... be professional.
    Good luck.