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    Hi! I would like to know if anyone has worked at Hopkins in the recent past or is currently working there now. What are the pros and cons? The bene's look great. I work in a rural setting now about 50 miles away. I have worked in the inner city (in a commmunity teaching hospital) earlier in my career. I just worry that the pace would be very hectic, but yet it looks exciting and the academic atmosphere is rather appealing. I am interested in OB. I would be interested in weekend option if at all possible. It's a big decision, but I would like to go back to school and I feel like this type of environment might foster my goals. Also I see that they offer tuition re-imbursement for dependents. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    My SIL works there - benes are not to be believed!! She took advantage of the tuition for dependents. She also has been there over 5 years, and now has off Fridays (M - TH; she is in administration). Great hospital, great reputation.

    Cons are that it is in the inner city, but benes are worth it! Go for it!
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    Imenid - Hi! I'm a new grad who just started at Hopkins. I also worked there for a year and a half as a nurse intern. I love the hospital!! There are so many opportunities for advancement within l (at least, thats what a lot of the more experienced nurses have told me). The benefits are great (from what I've learned in my recent orientation), and the tuition reimbursement is also good - I'm planning on getting my Master's in about a year and they will pay for it completely (as long as I keep my hours of course). I'm not sure how the reimbursement for dependents works - but I have the info on it from orientation so if you want I can look it up. I also don't know how the OB units are - I think the most difficult thing about that field in that part of Baltimore would be the patient population that you would encounter. The fact that it is a teaching hospital is such a benefit, I have learned so much in the short time I've been there from the doctors and nurses on my units. Anyway, good luck in whatever desicion you make!!

    Gee. . . I hope these positive feelings I have will last!!!!
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    It's interesting to me that the cons are the possible inner city patient population. If you are scared, or are not truly interested in helping all patients don't work there benefits or not.
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    sorry helping folks is never a con to me. the difference in the needs of the people and pace of the work is a little daunting(it's quite slow here). as i said i worked in balto. city(not at jh though) before so that's not really an issue. after being away from the balto. area for almost 7 years, i guess, the real issue is the long drive. i am really looking for the inside scoop from someone who has worked there recently. like do they treat their nurses well? do they have a lot of pulling and short-staffing? how are the dr's and other nurses to deal with? what are the opportunities to avance, etc.?
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    Greetings Imenid37,
    I am new to this forum, but very familiar with Johns Hopkins. I was a paramedic in Baltimore for 13 years. We took a number of patients to Hopkins. Easily one of the premier hospitals in the country. Along with Shock Trauma, Baltimore is the place to be if you need medical care.
    During paramedic school, I worked in the Epidemiology department at Hopkins. Our clinic was off campus, but I had to travel to the hospital often. I never heard anything negative from the nurses or staff. They are well known for their benefits and work environment. If I were in your shoes, I would jump all over it. It is a great way to begin a career. I wish you the best. Good Luck.

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    nptobee - I actually don't think the patient population is a con of working at Hopkins. But it is really suprising how many people who work at that hospital, not just nurses, do think that it is, which is why I mentioned it.
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    I worked at Hopkins about 10 years ago, received my Masters, and went on to bigger and better opportunities. But when nI had my first child I decided that full-time nursing wasn't right at the time and decided to try going back to Hopkins part-time. I found that I fit right in, that life at Hopkins had improved immensely, that nursing at Hopkins had gained even greater respect, and thought that everything was going to be great. Unfortunately, I guess, my ideas about working part-time did not take into account the need to work 12 hour shifts, nights, weekends, and holidays. I probably didn't think it through all the way so I take full responsibility. I certainly don't blame Hopkins for my inability to get back into nursing.

    Now I hear that Hopkins Nursing just received Magnet designation. That says a lot about the organization and the way nurses are treated and respected. I only know about Magnet from the periphery...but it seems to be a respected and valuable designation.

    I would suggest that if you have an opportunity to work at Hopkins...jump on it and appreciate that opportunity. Everyone does not have that chance.

    I also would ask if anyone knows about the Magnet designation and if it is really worth its salt! Let me hear some feedback.

    I am still a nurse, but I am...
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    Read article here. The child was being treated by Johns Hopkins.
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    Originally posted by Sarah Kat
    Read article here. The child was being treated by Johns Hopkins.

    Wow! I read this story it hurts me to know that something like this occurred, most likely due to a true true accident I live in LA, CA I use to arrange ancillary services for UHC members for the state of Maryland. I now manage a speciality program for Hemophilia and IVIG clients for UHC. I have worked closely with the nurses and dc planners from the hospital and the John Hopkins Home Care and John Hopkins Peds at Home. They are very professional, caring and thoughtful indiviuals. They provide excellent care. I am sad to hear what occurred but working there will be the best career move.

    mztrixi LVN- EC student

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