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IV splashed into eye

  1. 0 As I was disconnecting a patients IV, the NS from the IV line splashed into my eye (I forgot to clamp the line). I flushed my eye out with NS but did NOT report to employee health because it was just the fluid that got into my eye and not any blood/body fluids. I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance into what I did. Was this a bad move? Should I report this to employee health asap? Should I be worried that I caught something? The patient is HIV negative, Hep C negative. What are the chances that there was any kind of pathogen in the fluids? Any kind of feedback would be appreciated.
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    Calm down, inhaaaaalllllleeeee, exhaaaallllllleeeeeee.

    Now re-read your account of what happened. Does it now seem like you should be concerned?
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    First of all you should report all exposures to your supervisor. That is just the safe thing to do.

    Here is the CDC website about exposures. CDC - Bloodborne Infectious Diseases - Emergency Needlestick Information - NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topic

    We cannot offer medical advice . Personally, I would check with your PCP or occupational health just to be safe.
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