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I'm posting this here, rather than the NCLEX board because I wanted the opinion of seasoned nurses, and the NCLEX board is primarily visited by students. Spend a day on the NCLEX board and you'll... Read More

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    Quote from grntea
    aky, did you take your boards in that big convention center in phoenix with me? i had just moved there from a new england state (what was i thinking?) and they told me to bring a sweater and i thought they were out of their minds, it was a hunnert and ten or more outdoors.

    i brought the sweater the second day. and i was working evenings months later when i got my results.
    actually i took them in nyc. i thought they were crazy to tell us to bring a sweater but i did follow directions well back then. of course i was hauling a sweater all around the big apple in between tests.

    i was the evening nurse for 60 psych patients as a new grad. first time i saw medication side effect of high fever. first time i had to deal with post lobotomy pts. you could get lost in all the delusional systems intertwined in those pts. one of our most paranoid tried to buy a gun through the mail. (you could back then). i have often wondered if we would have survived if the head nurse did not open his mail and deny his right to privacy.
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