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Interview questions for VA RN job?

  1. 0 I have an interview for a Psych RN position at the VA hospital. I was curious what questions other candidates have been asked in interviews for VA RN jobs. THANKS!
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    Are you a vet? I am, would I be a shoe in if I applied there?
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    It is a very bizarre interview process. They do "performance based interviews." The link below tells you all about it. Good luck!
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    Are va RN jobs good?
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    The benefits/time off are great. Working conditions, nurse to patient ratios, etc are different facility to facility. I would want to visit any unit before working on one.
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    I'm a veteran. My friends say I'm a shoe in b/c of that (veterans preference), but I'd still like to have a good idea of what to expect b/c it's a panel interview w/6 people. My friend that did her psych clinical rotation there said it's a great place to work (we work in a county psych hospital and she said it's soooo much better and safer than our current environment). VA appears to have great leave benefits compared to most other hospitals. Plus, if I put in 16 years (and tack on my 4 years military service) I'd get a pension after 20 years of service. The 26 days of leave is the biggest attraction as I have young children and w/my current job I only get less than a week of leave a year. I'd like to actually get a real vacation at some point in the next few years. haha
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    Thanks for the link! It was very helpful in preparing me for the interview tomorrow. I have some basic ideas in mind of what I'll be asked and the format now.
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    Good luck to you. this is a very interesting interview process. I am not sure if when I interviewed for my regular hospital psych job. (The interview with the director lasted an hour and 45min with the charge nurse), this was the style but it seemed like it. My "big" boss did ask me "Why psychiatry?"
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    I love the VA and am glad to hear so many giving positive impression of the va's they have seen.