Interview at a doctor's office and don't know what to wear..

  1. I have an interview at a doctor's office. Is it acceptable to wear scrubs to the interview, or do the want you to dress up? I always was told to dress for the part, but are scrubs too casual for the interview?? a little help? thanks
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  3. by   sally650
  4. by   SuesquatchRN
    No scrubs. A skirt or pantsuit if you have one.
  5. by   chicookie
    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    No scrubs. A skirt or pantsuit if you have one.
    Exactly. Nothing too revealing or tight either!
  6. by   shadowrose45

    In any doctor's office I've worked at, I've always worn professional dress to the interview, not scrubs. It's time to get out your business suit or a nice dress pair of slacks and blouse.

    best luck with the job, too!
  7. by   Christen, ANP
    Professional dress, please! A nice pair of pants with a nice shirt, something classy, and nothing tight or revealing.
  8. by   beachbutterfly
    Scrubs are definitely a want to look clean,well-kept and professional,you are going to the interview not to the orientation!!!
  9. by   missmakena
    As a manger here is what I look for: pants or skirt (wear nylons), no low cut shirts, do not wear all the bracelets, chains you own and no big earrings. Make up and hair rule #1, this is a day job, not out on the strip in Vegas. Make sure your nails are clean, trimmed and without polish.
    Arrive 15 min early for your interview, have a pen and resume (w/copies) in hand!
    Smile! ask how many patients do they see each day, ask one question related to the Doctors practice, and if not given a copy of your job description; ask if you can see the job description.
    If the interview is going well, ask who you would report to, who is their safety office for OSHA.
    Most of all be flexible! Good Luck
  10. by   Southern Fried RN
    No open toe shoes, no slip-on/backless shoes, no sky high stilettos, and no clunky/platform shoes. The only exception might be a very nice pair of peep-toe dress heels and make sure your pedicure is fresh. Nothing ruins a professional image like a cheap or teeny-bopperish shoe.
  11. by   deemalt
    Many years ago I had an interview for a job as a park ranger. What to wear? It looked like the best way for me to fit in around the office was to wear dirty paints and workboots! One of the rangers was kind enough to give me this advice and it stays with me always - "dress for success". Sounds corny but you can't look too professional. I wore a pants suit and got the job.

    Good luck!
  12. by   NewRN2008
    I was always told to dress a level above which you are applying for. SO, nursing is a little diff, but if you were not going to be a floor nurse- what would you wear? like the supervisor?- dressy class clothes.
    gl btw!!