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    I have a friend who is desperate to have a baby. After several attempts and tests she has learned her husband has a normal but low sperm count. The problem with conception is within the sperm motility. Any knowledge on what may be done for them to have a baby??

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    Wow - there are many options available to infertile couples. Usually the only limiting factor is money, as the majority of these procedures are not covered by insurance.

    I'm curious - low sperm count does not always mean there is a problem with motility. Also, there may be ways to help improve his sperm production: eating a healhier diet, exercise, etc.

    If motility is an issue, there is artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, GIFT, etc. The list goes on and on.

    What I would recommend is for your friend, if she is serious about working this up, go find an Infertility Specialist - not just an obstetrician. Working with these specialists is a big commitment, as these tests and work-ups are numerous, time consuming, some invasive and costly. The average infertility work-up costs around $8,000 - procedures can run up to $20,000.

    I wish her luck.

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    I posted a response to you on the ob/gyn nursing board. Please read, if interested.

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    Not able to have children myself I went through the hoops (and yes all males have LOW counts non say the truth of odds to being a million to one)
    So after all of it took for them to tell me the truth took about 2 years and lots of bucks)
    Next came catching one of my dead assed sperm and use it in the embryo to create a low weakened X into the world. (if the child survived)
    Thus after 3 more years trying to adopt a baby. (6 mos. offering hard to place children)
    Finally after 5 years I remember going up to Polly Simms (they have these adoption seminars with slide shows etc.) who was standing in front of a wall with a majic marker name card masking taped to the wall, and saying, "We'll take one up to 25 years of age."
    She says, "Would you be interested in more than one child?"
    My world came to life within 90 days enter one Tyler and Kelly ages 5 &6.
    Go to my site at

    I guess my message is don't waste your time adopt.
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    I can't believe you would say that!

    My husband and I are dealing with low count, low motility and low morphology. It is a very stressful and traumatic experience, but we have hope!

    We are going to a doctor that has developed a process (ICSI) that eliminates that problem. Yes, it is very expensive, but it is worth it to have a biological child! It is possible!

    Before I get jumped for saying "a biological child", let me explain. There is absolutely nothing wrong with adoption. I am adopted, but I absolutely refuse to adopt. For my husband and I, we feel that if we can't have our own child, then we will live "happily-ever-after" childless. That is only my personal opinion!

    Please, tell your friend don't give up hope! In August, we are doing IVF/ICSI/Assisted Hatching/Testicular Sperm Extraction/Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. I am 28, and my husband is 29. Our doctor gave us a success rate of around 60% - 70%. In our case, I have been cleared of any impairments, so that is why the high success rates. Also, our doctor is regarded very highly around the world as an expert in male infertility.

    Sorry, so long! Obviously, this is a very sensitive subject for me!
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    After in my site, go to summary and view guestbook.
    In case you ever wonder if bonding would be lacking by adopting rather than your creation. I feel I did create and they created me. because I could listen without some sort of authoritarian process. (an area I see diminished in biological children)
    I recently saw an article about this couple who adopted a child who had severe personality and mental problems and after 18 years they wanted to give the child back.
    This created laws of adoptive parents being financially responsible for the child.
    It is important you get as much medical history and mental health data on any child (or children) you adopt.
    You will also see a gratitude page at my site, that is Ingrid , who made all of this possible. For surely a rock drummer in the sixties that travelled so fast I did a 359 and almost got ahead of myself. (But I think it's that one degree makes me allowed in social forums, instead of being on Haldol and housed.)
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    My sincere apologies if I offended you, what I said was my feelings.
    I didn't know this was a site to come and sit in judgement.
    At the time I wanted to procreate, You bet yer butt I did, but after 5 years I was getting older.
    If I am to be misintrepted, please see my site and what my family has to say.
    I gathered 5 strangers, moved from a big city to small town America and learned so much. (yet I somehow felt none of it was genetically connected so really I didn't count)
    I wasn't adopted but Lord knows how many times I asked other kids parents to adopt me.
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    I empathize with those who have a difficult time conceiving. My sister had a difficult time, it took her several years. She and her husband went through some difficult times, after a few years and tests the doctor said all is ok with both reproductive and hormonal balances. It just wasn't their time now they have three fabulous children. Aside from the medical, many times we need to look at our mental and life positions and many times their is an inbalance due to stress and desires, I just gave a friend advise this morning about being content and trying to relax about starting a family. Its amazing how GOD works at times, Take time to breathe, and put everything in prospective and don't look at your bodies as reproductive failures, Take a trip away from the scientific and become natural in a sense and have a glass of wine and allow the brain to relax, enjoy your time with your loved one and know that in time the gift of life will present itself biologically or even with adoption, Love is the key, and a child is a gift no matter what and we all are given a chance, somehow. GOOD LUCK>
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    I don't mean to sound rude, but just a piece of advice. If you ask most women dealing with infertility, the absolute last thing they want to hear is "Just relax". Trust me, just relaxing will not repair a woman's damaged tubes, PCOS, endometriosis, low or 0 sperm count (morphology or motility), or any other medical conditions. Take it from personal experience, the absolutely last thing I want to hear is to "Just Relax". Usually my response to someone who says that to me is "So, rape victims who become pregnant from the rapist must have been relaxed during the rape".

    I just reread what I have written. I am sorry that it sounds so harsh, but I don't think I could explain it any better.

    You are definitely correct that most do need to sit back and look at their life now and appreciate their life. You put it best. People dealing with infertility need to:

    "Take time to breathe, and put everything in prospective and don't look at your bodies as reproductive failures, Take a trip away from the scientific and become natural in a sense and have a glass of wine and allow the brain to relax, enjoy your time with your loved one"

    I am so sorry that your sister had to go through that tough time, but I am glad it had a joyous ending with 3 beautiful children.

    Please, don't be upset with me. I just wanted to advise people that most of us with infertility problems don't want to hear "Just relax!". Just my advice.

    Thanks for "listening",
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    Dear Metsdallas, Yikes I didn't mean to offend you in any way and My deepest apology. I can't walk in your shoes, I do have three of my own, and had a difficult preg. with my daughter, I almost lost her at 6mo. Preg Preterm labor, happened at work,breaking a patients fall. Cotractions dilation the works. Bedrest for the rest of preg,tocos monitoring TID and brethene. We made it and you will too. How old are you and how long have you been trying? Please by all means don't get angry at the word relax, I don't mean it like your a jitter bug, I mean take a moment and look and listen to your body and look at the whole picture, and I am sure you have, so maybe the best thing I could have said was....... Good luck and I'll Pray for you and your husband.

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