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What would be the TOP 3 wishes you would ask a GENIE to grant you with at work? :idea:... Read More

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    Luvin this thread:

    First wish : Is that there is no such thing as pyjama paralysis i.e., when an able bodied, although, slightly afflicted person becomes totally dependant on nursing staff the minute they are placed into pyjamas within a healthcare environment:icon_roll

    Second wish : That all people (patients/relatives/staffs etc.) that continually complain about petty and fictional things will, instead of voicing there grievances, burst into a chorus of the song " I'm forever blowing bubbles" - song choice for my personal amusement

    Third wish : All my patients recover, quickly and without set backs ( I'm a nurse and I care...after all. Or do I mean scare, lol)

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    1. That my job would be secure and that I would not have to worry about it being eliminated in the next round of budget cuts.

    2. That the key players would realize that there needs to be a major re-design of how we educate nurses -- both in the schools and as employees (through Staff Development). I am quite willing to work hard to solve the problems if only I could get people to acknowledge the true problems and allocate the resources to start working on solutions. We keep burying out heads in the sand and muddle along from year-to-year without really making much progress on anything.

    3. That the true value of nurses would be recognized.

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