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I hate my job. Working on a gero-psych unit for a little over a year. i hate my coworkers. many of them don't give a hoot about anyone but themselves. they are only watching their own back and willing to throw anyone else under... Read More

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    I was just looking back at my previous posts. Some, I can't believe I've even written. This (original) post was written 5 months ago and man, things have changed! And for the better!

    I followed everyone's advice here and stuck to it--I found a new job which I started 3 months ago (it feels longer--but I mean it in a good way!) in a med/surg unit. Overall, I'm much happier now and haven't crossed out bed side nursing completely (anymore ). I'm learning so much and get much more support from administration. We have 3 clinical educators which are totally awesome. I'm learning so much more in my 3 months here than I did at my previous job. But I'm not writing my old job completely off--the experience (no matter how horrible) did help me adjust to working in Med/Surg.

    There are good and bad days of course, times when I'm on the verge of tears (or even crying!) at/because of work, but I think that's any place...and also how I handle things...

    Thanks again for all your kind words and support! I'm even considering trying to get the M/S certification one day...who knows...I'm not sure where I want to take my career in the future, but I do know that bedside nursing is a possibility. It's not that bad...

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