I pick the days that I'm dumped on.... - page 4

As a float nurse, I'm 10 for 10 as far as being dumped on. The managers say that it shouldn't be that way but nothing changes. I reported my concerns verbally and filed my complaints in writing. Yet... Read More

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    Quote from Julia77063
    My unit doesn't dump on float pool because they can't admit CVICU cases but I have heard it happens on the floors....but the float pool nurses get paid $8.00 extra an hour. I think some of the nurses are jealous; I just say don't hate, participate
    ^I always quote the same "don't hate" mantra...never had a problem as a float, or when I was working agency. Set the tone, suggest you are open to giving out your agency info, then do your thing...had the best experience with that intro...people had no issue helping me out or getting me used to a unit...no problems at ALL.

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