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As a float nurse, I'm 10 for 10 as far as being dumped on. The managers say that it shouldn't be that way but nothing changes. I reported my concerns verbally and filed my complaints in writing. Yet nothing changes. I'm an... Read More

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    It's not fair. I started my career as a float nurse and would often go home crying. One floor was good to me. Some weren't. The night I went to 2 floors, started out on tele with 5 patients and 1 admission to be completed from 7-11 and then go to the next floor where they had an admission waiting for me for 2 HOURS ( I got there late because who could pass meds, assess and chart on 6 patients plus an admit in 4 hours). I did to go no,e until 10am.What did I do? After that night I went to my float manager and " I told them what happened , and what has been happening and said " if you do not find me a permanent floor I quit!". Took lots of guys to do this. Apparently they wanted to keep me, got me an interview with the NM of the MICU and I landed a position in a unit that became my home for the next 4 and a half years where I made friends like family ( if circumstances permitted I'd still be there"I'm not advocating doing quite what I did, but I took a leap of faith. Can we change it for everyone? Probably not, but we can attempt to make change for ourselves.I'm currently being dumped on in HH. I'm getting the heck out of there.
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    My unit doesn't dump on float pool because they can't admit CVICU cases but I have heard it happens on the floors....but the float pool nurses get paid $8.00 extra an hour. I think some of the nurses are jealous; I just say don't hate, participate
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    I would have to agree with the fact that favortism happens too often between D.O.N's and their freinds. I have been a LPN for 4 years now and have found myself caught in the middle of Favortism. I noticed when a new D.O.N is hired many off the old staff members are fred or stand a great chance of losing their jobs due to the D.O.N trying to hire their freinds. Most of the time the manager doesnt take time to get to meet the old staff and usually fire great workers. I think this is happening too much in nursing, their should be some kind o limitations or D.O.N's to hire too many freinds sounds petty but I have experienced some grusome things from this kind of favortism. I've seen unqualified staff hired to be unit managers who has no experience based on the fact that she was the D.O.N freind. Eventually the whole place started to go down to the dumps because it wasnt ran proffessionally as it was before. Has anyone ever noticed this happening during their nursing career?
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    yikes five pts does not sound like a nice assignment we given our floats 2 or 3 with primary care model, we also try to given them medical pts since every floor takes those if we can't they get easy surgicals and also a nurse that is suppose to support them. Every person that floats is also given a form to fill out at the end of hte shift rating the support of the charge nurse, their support nurse and their overall experience including pt assigment, this form goes to our director.
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    I currently quit the float pool for which I worked only 5 months. Treated horrible, same pay. I once worked a night shift on the cardiac floor and they gave me 3 admissions through the night while all the nurses took TWO HOUR sleep breaks as I rushed around like crazy. I cannot express how bitter I am about my experiences
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    Quote from Julia77063
    My unit doesn't dump on float pool because they can't admit CVICU cases but I have heard it happens on the floors....but the float pool nurses get paid $8.00 extra an hour. I think some of the nurses are jealous; I just say don't hate, participate
    Yeah I think this is the case for many of us float nurses. I make $20 more an hour than most of the regular staff and even more now because I am contracted to one floor. I make $13 more an hour from when I was a charge nurse. The floor is great but unfortunately they don't need me so I'm floated elsewhere in the hospital. I worked Saturday on a women's health for lack of a better word floor and I had SEVEN patients and the regular staff had 3 and 4 patients. The charge nurse tried to give me an admission and let's say it wasn't pretty. She ended up taking the admission and I sent a long email to my manager. I am off today and after I run errands I'm taking the rest of the day to study for my non-nursing degree. Can't wait to get away from the bedside.

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    It's been interesting for me. I just started working float after working in my facility for 5 years. I know a lot of people there and that's probably why I don't get dumped on. I heard that another float resigned because of the way she was treated, coming in as a new hire during a very bad time (lots of politics going down right now). Float pool is new to my facility though, most nurses don't want anything to do with it and I'm constantly questioned about my position. I'm happy but I can see where things can go downhill quickly if you don't stand up for yourself. Any unit I work in, I've had charge nurses backing me (like if management wants me pulled to another floor) and I'm treated no differently than the "regulars". I hope anyone else who joins ranks with me will be treated respectfully.
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    Aren't you paid more an hour than the staff nurse who doesn't float? Not an excuse to get an unsafe patient load...but you chose to float. And I think sometimes the nurses on the floor are worked so hard that when the float nurse comes in everyone tries to get rid of the problem patient.

    I remember once the floor was short because a nurse was sick, had almost passed out and needed to go home. I came in so my friend could go home. Got there at about 10am and nothing was done. I understood that she was sick and couldn't even stand w/o being dizzy, but nearly every other nurse including the charge was sitting at the station when I got there. So at 10a START to get report then I had to pull all 9a meds and give them. Not one nurse (who wasn't busy) cared enough to pick at least 1 pt and give those meds. I was so behind the entire AM.

    Then the census drops low at about 11:30. Naturally I thought they'd send me home (I was a team player I came in to help). The NM said that due to productivity a nurse needed to leave now, and since I hadn't charted yet I couldn't go (or stay on the clock to chart). I was so angry. I will NEVER EVER come in when called like that again. NEVER.

    My point I guess is nursing su cks for everyone. We all get dumped on.
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    What degree are you going for, if you don't mind me asking?
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    My hat is off to the float pool nurses. Floating is the absolute worst part about bedside nursing in a hospital, IMHO. Even when I was treated well, which was almost always, because there was so much about the floor and the doctors I didn't really know. I always treated floaters very well to the best of my ability because what goes around comes around.

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