I need to Interview a Nurse

  1. 0 I am a nursing student and I need to interview a nurse for a school paper. Can anyone help me out?
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    sure feel free to call 985-520-1197
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    Can I post them here to answer? There is about 20 questions I know its a lot to answer but I really need help on this.
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    Questions 1-15..anyone feel free to answer but I prefer to have all from one person..

    1. What appealed you to become a nurse?

    2. What age were you when you started nursing school?

    3. Always wanted to be a nurse or reseached and decided?

    4. What do you remember about school?

    5. Worst and best things about school?

    6. What are some of the things you learned in school that are important in everyday nursing?

    7. Words of wisdom?

    8. Did you work while in school? How did you manage?

    9. Did you ever doubt or think of quitting?

    10. First job?

    11. Has nursing changed you?

    12. You favorite nursing job? Why?

    13. Memorable paitient?

    14. Is this profession you recomend? Why?

    15. What do you see in the future as a nurse?
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    Questions 16 through

    16. Did you return to school? Were responsibilities hard?

    17. What mistakes do you know about that a new nurse should avoid?
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    I would meet you via Skpe or Second Life if you like. I work in ICU and ER, 6 years nursing experience, and I graduated from Excelsior.
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    I tried to answer your questions but the computer ate them. call me anytime as I gave my number previously. too many questions to risk the same thing happening again
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    That would be great! I dont know how to use either of those though? I dont have web cam , can I still skype?
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    you dont need . just download skype
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    OK, have skype account....nicoleray82

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