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hands up, how many of you actually hate your boss? i can imagine a fair few will be nodding their head in agreement that they hate there boss i search google with the words 'i hate my boss' and with that simple sentence i... Read More

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    I read your post and I had to join so I could reply. You don't know how much I HEAR and UNDERSTAND you. I have fibromyalgia as well and things have been not wonderful for me either. I have an ADON that I believe is out to get me as well. It seems like she is out to rock the boat for her own job security.... or she is totally incompetent and clueless. I used to love going to work as we felt like a big family but lately it's been an unbearable place to be. For the longest time you couldn't get a job there until someone retired or died but lately there is a revolving door as far as staff goes. No one looks at the managers to see what's going on even though people have come forward and complained. If you're not one of the sheep that function while being micromanaged and have an independent thought, then you're going to be on the watch list. We are told to do more faster and then get chewed out when omissions are found or mistakes are made. When health care became a business, $ became the bottom line. I find incompetence is rewarded and the good nurses are forced to do more as a matter of dealing with their morals and values. We have the same issues.... work harder, faster, no overtime, no mistakes, etc. And when I had my fibro flare and had difficulty, there was no compassion from administration. I never called off, worked when called in for xtra shifts, etc and was it appreciated. NO!! I was looked down upon because I had to take time off to deal with my flare. (I had enough sick time to cover being off for a month and was still harrassed about when I was returning).
    I read an article about "Compassion Fatigue" that hit home with me. You might find it interesting. (When Caring Stops, Staffing doesn't Matter). It kind of put my feelings into words about how I'm feeling.
    I will occasionally help my self esteem by reminding myself that this manager probably knows she's not respected by the staff and needs to show her "power" by picking on whomever she's feeling threatened by...even if it's just in her head. I'm well into my 50's and there's not many options for me either. I yearn for the days when nurses could be nurses.
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    Hate is such a STRONG word. Not inaccurate just strong.
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    Quote from Conqueror+
    Hate is such a STRONG word. Not inaccurate just strong.

    It gets attention though LOL
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    I don't really hate my boss, well maybe a little, but I sure don't respect him. It's just that he is a total ninny d-bag who is never there and the only skill he has is the ability to kiss ass so they made him a director. He has run our unit into the ground. It is run by his buddies who are the worst of the worst.
    He is weirdly intimidated by those of us who are CCRNs and competent. If I put it all out there on this site - you wouldn't believe it and I would be terminated in a heartbeat. Sometimes I think I have landed in the twilight zone of nursing. Being smart and experienced is something I have to downplay so that I am not targeted. I am playing along and playing dumb because I like this job but I see through his management BS. If I jacked this thread too bad. My experience is that quality nurse managers and VPs of Nursing dont last very long, they want a yes man to screw over their staff. Ok I said and it's out there. Peace.
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    Quote from libbyliberal
    My experience is that quality nurse managers and VPs of Nursing dont last very long, they want a yes man to screw over their staff. Ok I said and it's out there. Peace.
    I get it. There's a comment we use at work that "this is the place where incompetence is rewarded." I've seen the people that are chosen for promotions. Those that are cheerleaders for the higher up's are given positions they are not qualified for. Management knows that they will do whatever they are told and not rock the boat. The less management has to deal with, the better. The good nurses on the units will literally kill themselves to make sure nothing happens to the patient thus covering for their incompetence or laziness. I feel like you that if I gave out specifics, I'd be identified and fired. No wonder burnout is so prevalent.
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    I'm sorry to hear so many of you have problems with your boss/manager. I've been very fortunate, and after hearing some of these stories, shall not take a good boss for granted. My thoughts are with those who are struggling. On another note, you enlightened me as to boss being an actual definition for cattle. That's how we call our cattle home ("come boss"), but I always thought it was just slang.
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    Nursing use to be my passion. It's not anymore. Work harder, work faster, and leave on time. Jugle, you better know it all and don't use your ouwn judgement. Very career depressed right now...must work and make at least what I make now just to get by!!!! Don't know what to do...
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    As a manager, I do not want anyone on my team who does not get along with me. It just adds too much weight to an already busy day. I fired a nurse last summer because she detested me, but could never explain why. She did not keep it a secret from her colleagues, or from me. Eventually, I decided, "Who needs it?"

    Getting a new job is not easy, but better to do this than get fired.

    Managers are human, just the same as staff. When our comfort zone is threatened, we will 'fix' it, just the same as anyone else would. Good luck!

    Wow! This is horrifying to me!! I would suggest taking some management classes to learn how to manage yourself so your comfort zone is not threatened. Maybe some self esteem enhancing books/classes. Others livelihoods have been entrusted to you. Please honor that.

    Can't say anymore. Too mad.
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    I love my boss. She worked her way up to RN over 10 years in health care, though - and worked as an RN for probably three or four years before moving up the food chain.. and she often says time on the floor is a necessity for knowing what is going on there.
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    Bad experiences do and will occur as a result of poor management and weak leadership. If you ever have a really good nurse manager and effective leadership, do not ever quit that job! Effective leadership in healthcare is very difficult to find.
    Your article is EXCELLENT Thanks for posting it.
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