I got fired while being on orientation at a hospital for just 1 week. Why did this happen? - page 11

So I am seeking some advice as to why this occurred and am still pondering on what could have I done wrong for this to have such a bad ending. After searching and searching years and years for a... Read More

  1. by   Strugaaa4eva
    After reading all of your posts, and I do apologize for not getting back as after the 30th comment or so, I did not receive any more notifications via email, I figured that the topic was no longer being addressed but lo and behold! I was kinda shocked to see the lengthy replies, some were extremely helpful and others were judgmental to say the least but hey, we're all human beings entitled to our own opinions. What can I say? I know you're all waiting on the edge of your seat for that letter and unfortunately I am waiting still as this is being typed. I have not received anything via snail mail and have been repeating the whole scenario in my head. Some of you rephrased what I had written as "just classroom work" on my previous post and began labeling me as a bored attendee of orientation. Just an FYI, totally not the case. To clarify that, I was not that student that was getting distracted or chit chatting with my peers while the presentations were being present. I did actively participate and ask plenty of questions as I knew the transition from a rehab facility to acute care would have a tremendous impact on myself and I really wanted to make sure I got all the ins and outs of what is to be expected. Some other posts were making remarks about the medication exam, just to make you all aware, the minimum passing requirement was an 80 and yes maybe some of us are not the greatest in math, obtaining a higher score was kinda impressive being that they provided me with the study materials only the day before. Another detail I want to address as well, is that there were absolutely no issues from my end during orientation. This occurred on the Friday which is the 5th day of orientation, at this time we were asked to complete the online web training for the intranet system that they use. It was the last half hour of class so technically the call arrived at 3:30pm and I did not expect it at all. Regardless, I admit to the mistake despite the weight of importance it really had. Despite all this, I received the phone call Tuesday morning from the unit manager that hired me informing me that I did not need to come in this past weekend for my first day of clinical orientation. I've never been let go from any of my previous positions so I'm really not so sure who would be giving a bad reference or if HR received some sort of information that would cause my position to be rescinded. My only other thought as I had mentioned in my previous post was the lack of knowledge me and one other nurse had for the EKGs. We were told on Friday that we would be oriented until May when the rhythm interpretation class will be offered at that hospital. I did see some hesitation at that time from the educators but they resolved the problem by informing us that we will remain on orientation until the class is held. Either way, I've taken this lesson as a blessing in disguise. I've received ample feedback from a variety of sources and one thing is for sure on the hospital's behalf: they should've never hired me per diem in the first place knowingly that I had no acute care experience especially on a telemetry med/surg unit. I've been to other interviews requesting per diem and they all responded with the same statement "you can't be hired per diem with no experience as the orientation period is very short; you can either be offered a part time or full time position as your exposure to the unit will be a lot more frequent than on a per diem basis." Bottom line for me: don't use your cellphone again until break time has been awarded and don't apply for a per diem position in an area out of my expertise.

    Thank you all!