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Every nurse at one time or another loathes the words "HR needs to see you" or "You need to go speak to the manager" even if you are well aware that you made a mistake, and that you are going to have to answer to it. There are... Read More

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    I need to get a list of the non-right to work states. I want a job where everyone is patted on the back and handed a cup of coffee as they walk in the door. I want a job where my job is never on the line, unless I intentionally kill someone of course. I want to live in a state where going to work is like coming home.

    I want to work for a profit driven company. I know what it is like to come to work on Wed and be told, "We are closing Friday. The economy has just gotten to bad for us to be profitable." It wasn't the economy, it was **** poor management.

    Quote from kf15
    I hear your dissatisfaction w/ a profit-driven workforce. I too was there, but I quickly got over those feelings after I was "released" from my 1st RN job of 2 yrs when an LPN on my shift made a medically unrelated, non harmful administrative infraction. I would learn afterwards that mgmt politics was driving the issue, but for me the result was my immediate dismissal by "human" resources OVER THE TELEPHONE on a 3 way call the next day.
    I was thrown out of my position like a bag of garbage by "human" resources and my DON, who wouldn't spend an ounce of energy in my defense. Only 2 yrs later would I rejoice when I learned that that DON was fired the same way, for an equally invalid reason.
    This is what happens in a "right to work" state. This is what profit driven corporations do. To bemoan the attitudes of the RNs laboring in this system is to miss the big picture- people are slowly developing the attitudes of their bosses and employers, mainly b/c noone feels secure. And they feel insecure for good reason, b/c corporations make sure that workers know they are replaceable.
    Oh, and many if not most patients are looking for someone to blame for any little thing. They complain about and berate the very people who keep them healthy and alive, and actually expect good smiling service in response.
    So basically, it is people at all levels who are responsible for the "attitude" we see everywhere. Only when the country changes en masse wil things improve.

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    I am in the same boat you were in.So this must be a common thing in this field. Soon as the state left I got suspended on some off the wall reason. Smh.
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    Believe me - often we are blindsided and often we are attacked by management.
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    Please - don't tell me what works best for pain management. If I have a Rx from my doctor for a med and test positive for it, my employer can't do a thing about it. Not all who use pain meds get addicted. And for pt's with bone cancer NSAIDs are used at times in addition to a narcotic.
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    I have been in the workforce in a management role (I have an MBA) and in now in my second career as a nurse I have to disagree with you. At my facility it is not rare to get blindsided with a disciplinary action. The latest was when the CNL altered the caredex after the MD's orders had been taken off and then disciplined six nurses who had initialed the MAR but not followed the caredex. Problem was she altered the caredex 2 weeks AFTER we had worked the unit. We have no union and the lawyer I consulted said we had a case to remove the write-ups from our file, but they could lay us off with no explanation necessary. The CNL is gone but the actions remain in our file. And four other nurses who are friends of the HR VP did not get written up. Copies of the MD order, the altered caredex, and altered MAR were not considered enough proof to rescind the actions. State of CT has been notified anonomously but so far no action taken.
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    [QUOTE=HM-8404;7393901]. Rarely does anyone get blindsided with a disciplinary action. ... What is wrong with accepting responsibility for what we have done and move on?

    Really? I have never in my 20+ years of working in other business been blindsided. As a nurse, it only took 4 years for me to be totally taken aback. I am an adult and completely willing to accept responsibility for my errors.

    I fear that you may be in for a surprise when you graduate.
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    But if you are feeling as if you are blindsided, then why not say that "I need time to review this information." Ask for copies of same. And review the information. Prepare an answer to it before any of us get (understandibly) defensive, and start making comments in the heat of the moment.
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    Absolutely true! If a pt doesn't like you (& it has nothing to do w/ the care that has been provided) they can fire you. This almost forever hangs over your head. I had a pt that said I took great care of her, had good advice, was nice, but our styles didn't mesh & wanted another nurse. Of course, patients don't know what goes on behind the scenes; how hard some of us advocate for them, etc. But they sure do like to get pushy & complain about anything!
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    RIGHT-to-WORK is legally only a scare tactic to make you sign an "At-Will-Contract" that takes away your "good cause Federal rights" to employment. In a word it is a scam. Here's what you do!

    Never never never sign a contract if it says "your agree that your employment is at will and you can leave or be terminated at any time for any reason".

    I repeat AT-WILL States and employers are using your deficit knowledge of the nature of employment to illegally and unconscionably sign away your right to good cause employment.

    Never sign a contract that is unconscionably and deprives you or some RIGHT and give you nothing in return for your efforts.

    The "Nature" of employment is "CONTRACTUAL" unless you sign a "at-will" contract saying "I give you the right-to-work".

    I am sorry folks but WE NURSES ARE NOT LAWYERS AND WE ARE BEING SCAMMED. ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT. If we RN's stick together we can beat the lies and attacks. Arm yourself with the AT-WILL Doctrine (not a law) and understand your right not to enter into a contract without consideration. PLEASE!

    All Rights Reserved U.C.C 1-308, Without Prejudice. (At-will employment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    New Man Nurse <<<<<<<<,

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