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Every nurse at one time or another loathes the words "HR needs to see you" or "You need to go speak to the manager" even if you are well aware that you made a mistake, and that you are going to have... Read More

  1. by   jadelpn
    But if you are feeling as if you are blindsided, then why not say that "I need time to review this information." Ask for copies of same. And review the information. Prepare an answer to it before any of us get (understandibly) defensive, and start making comments in the heat of the moment.
  2. by   losbozos
    Absolutely true! If a pt doesn't like you (& it has nothing to do w/ the care that has been provided) they can fire you. This almost forever hangs over your head. I had a pt that said I took great care of her, had good advice, was nice, but our styles didn't mesh & wanted another nurse. Of course, patients don't know what goes on behind the scenes; how hard some of us advocate for them, etc. But they sure do like to get pushy & complain about anything!
  3. by   New_Man_Nurse
    RIGHT-to-WORK is legally only a scare tactic to make you sign an "At-Will-Contract" that takes away your "good cause Federal rights" to employment. In a word it is a scam. Here's what you do!

    Never never never sign a contract if it says "your agree that your employment is at will and you can leave or be terminated at any time for any reason".

    I repeat AT-WILL States and employers are using your deficit knowledge of the nature of employment to illegally and unconscionably sign away your right to good cause employment.

    Never sign a contract that is unconscionably and deprives you or some RIGHT and give you nothing in return for your efforts.

    The "Nature" of employment is "CONTRACTUAL" unless you sign a "at-will" contract saying "I give you the right-to-work".

    I am sorry folks but WE NURSES ARE NOT LAWYERS AND WE ARE BEING SCAMMED. ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT. If we RN's stick together we can beat the lies and attacks. Arm yourself with the AT-WILL Doctrine (not a law) and understand your right not to enter into a contract without consideration. PLEASE!

    All Rights Reserved U.C.C 1-308, Without Prejudice. (At-will employment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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