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We live in a time where getting ANY bill through the Congressional Process is a (pun intended) Act of Congress!!! I want you to assume YOU could change the current ways things are done in your... Read More

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    Quote from VICEDRN
    1. A universal electronic medical record for every.single.patient.
    2. A single payer system/universal coverage system with low co-payments.
    3. Scaling back EMTALA so we do not have to see every single minor complaint *in case* its an emergency.
    4. The development of a comprehensive institutional mental health system (instead of a prison system) for psych patients.
    Totally agree with this. Also, a grant program for medical and advanced practice nursing education to increase the number of primary care providers.

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    I would include beginning the recognition of and planning for the inevitability of death for all human beings at a young age when good health is still intact, just as we start planning for discharge long before a patient is ready to leave the hospital, so that we start raising generations of people who have a realistic idea of how they honestly want that to play out and the ability to approach the concept in a fashion that is less reactionary and more purposeful and dignified. This would be in hopes of giving a sense of control over how that happens when the time comes, lessening the fearfulness of death and dying and breaking through the taboo nature of admitting when death is at hand. Obviously this goal would be so that we have fewer people whose lives are being pointlessly and torturously extended at massive expense to the emotional and fiscal well-being of pretty much everyone and to help combat both the sense of nobility in doing "everything" simply because "everything" is possible with no thought to whether it is right, compassionate or even sensible. I would find a way over generations to elevate the concept of dignity being ahigher goal than longevity at any cost.

    I would mandate education for all healthcare providers on communication in difficult situations so discussing death becomes less intimidating than it obviously is now.
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    Advanced directives should be mandatory, even if they say "I want it all." Everyone should have something on paper.
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    I knew you guys would blow my mind, another reason this site is so addicting, . . .Binge Thinking!!!!

    It also blows my mind still that a Physician can work the hours safely, legally, and ethically! We found out after an investigation at a local hospital that a surgeon began an open heart surgery- 23 hours into a shift. It was a "wrong-site surgery."

    Impaired? I am not judging, and if he was the only thing standing between me and my grave, Cut Away!!! but, try to squeeze a cup of coffee and some blow in before! <Joke>
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    Nothing like the pair of stats on an Xray.

    That said, Lol, I would cap damages, and make malpractice insurance mandatory. I would cut down the Nurse:Patient Ratio to 5:1 maximum.

    I would let LPNs with 2 years experience or greater sit for the NCLEX-RN. If anyone can prove they know the basic standards, why hold them back?
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    Get rid of pt satisfaction being more important than anything and everything.

    Some sort of centralized database for medical histories. It gets really old having to do an admission database on a pt that was just discharged in the last week.

    Like someone said above, mandated advanced directives for everyone, even if it's just "I want everything possible done" because then you know it's been addressed.

    Mandatory ratios and safe staffing.

    Charging for nursing care separately so maybe we would be considered to be important instead of just another expense to cut willy nilly.

    Standardize point of entry, just make it all BSN already and do away with ASN programs. Also, make people with a previous Bachelor's degree in something else count as having a BSN. (This is coming from an ASN with a previous BA in something else).
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    Standardized medicine scares me. What if your situation is not standard? Not opposed to single-payor system but am opposed to deadbeats and foreigners being included at my expense. Please remember that in EVERY country where medicine is socialized the healthcare workers earn far less than American healthcare workers.

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