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How much does an RN can approximately make annually?

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    Happy Labor Day! I'm curious to know how much a new grad RN could make salary per annum? How about an LVN? I'm in California but I'm also interested in knowing what's the earnings for other states. Thanks and have a great day!

    I'm also reviewing for NCLEX-RN...please give me some suggestions about review books, cd-roms, length of study time...

    Thank you!

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    Salaries for new grads in central IL - about $16/hr.
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    San Jose Ca:

    Brand-spankin-new ADN/Diploma: $32.00
    Brand-spankin-new BSN/MSN: $33.21

    (But keep in mind the median home price is $500,000 and rents are about $1800/mo for a small 2bdr. apt)
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    Central valley, new grads start at $25 per hour, and houses cost a lot less, more like $125-$150,000 median. You can rent a nice 3 bedroom for around $1000/mo
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    Baltimore Maryland

    LPN-$23 hr.
    RN $31 hr.

    These are new grad rates here. I know that experianced LPN's make around $30 And experianced RN's Anywhere from low 30- high 40's per hour. ( Depends on what your specialty is)

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    - RN IN LTC $23 - UP
    - RN IN ACUTE CARE $19 - UP

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    Clearwater FL. New grads = $17 ADN, $17.50 BSN
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    South Carolina new grad RN about $15.00
    Speciality nursing $20 and up
    Agency nursing 30 and up

    Cost of living is going up now homes around 90-350,00 and higher in Charleston area.

    This is actually a great palce to live and nurse.

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    i recommend princeton reviews nclex rn review book. like many of the other books it does not crame all of creation in a book and expect you to know it. comes with a computer disc with review questions. i sware i had some of the same.
    good luck and remember yuo cant know everything and some of the most experience nurses don't.
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    Anybody know about pay rates for BSN (brand new) in Colorado Springs, CO??
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    NSNA Review book. That is (National Student Nurse Association).

    Get it and use is while in school. Waiting for graduation to study is rediculous. I got my letter authorizing to test and took the exam at the earliest date I could get. (3 days later). Do not torture yourself studying after graduation for NCLEX. You should have learned all you need while you were in school. Use the review book all through school. All you do is create more nerves by putting off the inevitable. I cannot imagine learing much in only a couple months reviewing material that takes years to learn.
    I had my license and was getting full RN pay well before most had even set a test date. Employers would rather have a new RN than a new GN. Not that you won't eventually pass.
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    Starting salary in Philadelphia around 45k.

    I did the Mosby book/CD and it worked out good for me. Good luck!
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    Check out previous thread:

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