How many years experience helps?

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    I think it is probably fairly difficult to find work in the US at the moment as an RN. However, in Australia it is dead set easy. There is work everywhere. When I graduate in Australia next year I want to spend some time working in the US.

    Should I work in Australia for a year or two before heading over? Or do US hospitals disregard Australian work experience? As an internationally trained new graduate would it be hard to find work straight out of university?

    I just don't want to miss a chance at doing an internship here and then realising that I am unemployable in the US... there's a few questions there.. any help from anyone who works with Australian or British RNs or new international grads would be useful, thanks

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    I think much is going to depend on the US economy. My husband and I are thinking (hoping) that in 5 years or so, things will be better. I don't think employment will ever be back to what it used to be. However, if you offer special skills or education that US-citizens don't have, that would definitely be a plus.
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    I'm not sure what kind of special experience I could get in Australia that isn't available in the US...
    But i'm definitely going to try as hard as I can to get into ER or ICU...
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    It's easy to get an RN job in Australia??? Wow!! That's refreshing to hear.
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    I think that the "special experience or education" that TraumaRUs was referring to was things like ICU, ED, Operation Room, Dialysis, Labor & Delivery, etc. Your average new grad doesn't have much experience in such areas and hospitals prefer to hire experienced nurses (with experience in these areas) when they can. These are the nurses who have the least amount of trouble finding jobs when the job market it tight because they need less training to become functional in these specialized areas.

    I hope that helps.
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    Quote from BigB_RN
    It's easy to get an RN job in Australia??? Wow!! That's refreshing to hear.
    Yes, it's very easy. The unemployment rate is pretty low and nurses are in demand in all major cities
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    Looks like I'll be packing my bags...
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    It's nice to hear that Aussie new grads have jobs.

    You'd have a much better chance if you got an NP degree. I've read the International section of this forum and it's sad to hear about HUGE numbers of Filipino RN's hoping and waiting to come to the US. From reading that part of this site I've gathered that there are restrictions on the number and type of foreign nurse that can work in the states.
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    If you have experience abroad, you will surely be more marketable than a US trained new grad. Perhaps less marketable than an experienced American nurse though, as there nuances in every country that differentiate the way we practice. This is only my opinion, not based on any facts or research. Some hospitals strive for diversity and you may actually be an advantage. Best wishes in turning your dream into a reality
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    I hate to be a party pooper but you will be Australian educated and if you come here and get a job you will be taking a job of an American educated individual. I personally don't think it is right for you to do this. Stay in Oz where the work is there and you are needed. OK, now that I have exposed myself as a PRO-American and feel jobs for Americans and not foreigners, let it come. You all know that this is how you feel , you all just don't want to rock the boat and be political correct. The new grads that are having trouble finding work and even those who have experience would be upset if anyone outside this country would take the job from them. There would be plenty of work for ALL US grads if all the foreigners would just go home. Be honest with yourselves.
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