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How do You Know?

  1. 0 I love Nursing. I really do. I love caring for patients. I work in long term care. I seldom see them get better or go home, but I get to know them. The wonderful people who used to be just like you and me, who aren't anymore.

    I hate paper work and stand-up. Hate the pettiness and back stabbing and the small town high school gossip.

    How do you know it is time to really move on?
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    Best I can say is that when a person is starting to ask this questions it is obvious that it is time to do some soul searching and reassessing. That is not necessary a bad thing, it is a fact of life that we all reach these places in our personal and professional life and it is OK.
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    Whimsie I think you just know. The important thing is to take a few days, couple of weeks maybe, to think it over and make sure it's really how you are feeling. I'm a firm believer in no regrets.
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    i am a relatively new nurse (3.5 years) and i have noticed the increased tension and pettiness in the nursing field. i think this is partly due to understaffing and overstressed workers.
    i have switched jobs due to the pettiness which also includede my manager. it was a really hard decision for me to finally leave but i did it and i am glad i made the decision. i think once we get in that comfort zone it is hard for us to think of doing anything else. good luck to you and god bless!
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    I think when you find no more satisfaction in your job,it might be time to explore new options.