How do I make the best of ICU orientation?

  1. I want to do well, learn, and not fustrate the hell out of everybody because i'm new. I have been fore-warned of the very stong personalities back there in that unit....any suggestions? I have 6 months on a cardio-pulmonary unit behind my belt
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  3. by   EDnursetobe
    just be open to learning and ask questions when you need to. It's ok to ask for help!

    good luck!
  4. by   nola1202
    Listen for the message, not the emotions behind the message. write stuff down, memorize it on off hours..treat it like school. There were professors that were not mother of the year material, u did ok with that, so....
    Later when u precept, all the stuff u wrote down, review it, so you'll know what to teach (and how far you have come)
  5. by   Bang2
    When I cross trained to our hospital's ICU, I felt EXACTLY the same. Like I was the lowest life form in the ICU food chain, even though i had 2 yrs of experience in our Med-Surg ward.

    what did I do when I was in that situation?

    I simply became receptive. I took all their insults, comments and even condescending lectures. I took it to myself to prove to them that I am more than some newbie. I bought books and read and read. I even learned how to read the ECG rhythms by myself, I just kept on observing and asking questions to Cardiologists who have time for some questions.

    after sometime, I got competent enough that they began to appreciate what I do. Sad thing is that, during that time, I was already accepted in our Emergency Department.
  6. by   turnforthenurse
    Ask questions and get in there and do stuff! You won't learn if you don't get yourself in there. Frankly if I was a seasoned nurse, I would be concerned if a new nurse in ICU (or any area, really!) didn't ask any questions. Ask your preceptor for guidance and find other nurses on the unit who you can trust and go to for questions - kind of like other mentors. Also ask the doctors questions! Most of them are happy to teach (unless you are calling them at 0300...that's a little different!). If you don't understand their rationale behind something, just ask! Good luck to you!
  7. by   MomRN0913
    Right before I was hired into the ICU, the ICU nurses got the worst rap! Everyone said they were b!tches.

    Those ******* were wonderful to me, taught me so much and became some of my best friends. (does this make me a ****** too? IDK....)

    DOn't be intimidated. Ask questions, look up what you learned that day and throw yourself on the front lines.

    Good luck, you will be fine.