How do DUI's effect getting a job? How do DUI's effect getting a job? | allnurses

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How do DUI's effect getting a job?

  1. 0 I am curious to know how having a DUI on your record effects getting a job as an RN or LPN?

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    Yes, they can. Background checks are normally done now on any new employee. Plus the BON gets notified as well.

    And it can affect one holding onto their nursing license. A BON has the right to pull a license for the DUI, it is completely up to them.
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    It can have a bearing on becoming a CNA. I had one 17 years ago and it was an issue that had to be discussed. A DUI never goes away, never ever.
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    Quote from Absolutely13
    It can have a bearing on becoming a CNA. I had one 17 years ago and it was an issue that had to be discussed. A DUI never goes away, never ever.
    That's good. A DUI should NEVER go away.
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    Quote from Alaska04
    I am curious to know how having a DUI on your record effects getting a job as an RN or LPN?


    Employers will look at how long it's been since the DUI, how many there were, and what's been done since. They will check to see if the BON was involved at all and what the outcome of that was. It's not impossible to get a job, or necessarily even hard, but the applicant would have to jump through a few more paperwork hoops.
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    Well ladies and gents in the medical profession......I have searched long and hard for the most sought after answer to the dui and past arrest record discussion topic...This is what I have found...take careful note..

    If you have had a dui or a similiar arrest such as a paraphenlia charge ..this is the verdict :

    Yes you absolutely must disclose any and all arrests for such arrests, note I did not say convictions.
    Yes you may attend nursing school of any kind CNA, LPN, or RN, but upon application to the BON (Board of Nursing) you MUST declare all such issues. Further more you must provide all arrests records, dispositions(what happened to you ie.probation etc) and what you have done to improve yourself since then. AA, voulenteer work and an excepteable explaination. We are in a professino to protect and serve the public similar to the police. Would you want a drug addict or a drunk to take care of you or a loved one if they were. The board is not trying to punish you. They are doing their job to protect public safety.
    Now I do realize years ago a dui did not have the same disabling impact as it does now but time they are a changing. So buck up and do all the steps...go above and beyond the call of duty. Volunteer for M.A.A.D., do some no court appointed community work see how the community sees a dui, gain respect for it and do your best to prove you really are against dui's.
    If you have had no more than two and they are five years ago and NO other problems the most that will happen is you will recieve youf certificate for CNA or LPN or RN license with an IPN ( a board for handling this stuff) telling you you have too participate in drug and alcohol testing once a week for one year while on probation.
    If you are currently working and waiting in license you will be expected to do this especially if it has been less than five years.
    It is up to you to PROVE that you have made improvments and are sincere. EX: AA, volunteer work, counseling etc.
    How bad do you want to be a nurse? I know its hard but how bad do you want to serve the public and what would you do if you found out someone with a couple dui's was taking care of your kid? Would you feel confident they were getting the best care? Consider the board's perspective...they are not trying to hurt you. They are protecting the public.
    So my advice to be brutally honest with them and yourself and turn in all the necessary documents and hope the most they do is put you on IPN probation and be grateful with that.

    This is just my take on it. I intend to go all the way and get my RN and be a travelling nurse which requires a nationwide background check. So I was better off to come clean with any and all arrests so it would not prevent me in the future from becoming a damn good nurse to someone who really needs me!

    Good luck to all and I hope I helped someone out there.