Hospital diets

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    So for our patients who are on heart healthy, carb controlled and renal diets, we have gingerale, cola, and juices plus pudding and jellos in our fridge. What is okay to give to patients on these diets? Is gingerale suitable for diabetic, cardiac and renal diets?

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    Renal pts should not have brown soda in addition to excessive fluids period. Renal pts should also avoid OJ because of the potassium. Break out your nutrition book and freshin up on these diets as they are the most often seen in the hospital. The list is huge but the rational behind the food/beverage is much more important. This is a great way to help educate your pts on the importance of nutrition and the effects it has.
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    Unfortunately, the customer service paridygme has trumped 'healthy eating'. I witness it daily as the overweight COPDer orders his cheeseburger at lunch, regardless to the low carb diet he is ordered by his cardiologist.
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    Okay so is gingerale okay with cardiac diet
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    Its not contraindicated, I wouldn't call it "ok" though.
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    I would look at some of your old textbooks. Also you can contact your dietary office to see what is considered safe per your hospital.

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