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I just wanted to let all my fellow new grads out there know that its not hopeless after all!! I graduated in May, and got hired on yesterday on my dream floor in my dream hospital!! I am SO excited!... Read More

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    I'm actually taking the NCLEX tomorrow (fingers crossed!) and I have an interview on Monday at a really great hospital. I am praying to pass the NCLEX and kicking butt in my interview. Just graduated less than a month ago so I haven't applied to many places (waiting to be licensed) but to those that I did apply to, I said I had my interim permit and that seems to be acceptable.
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    Quote from mmm cdiff
    Have you taken your NCLEX yet? If not, are you telling them "licensure pending", or not mentioning it at all?
    I have taken & passed my NCLEX...
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    I'm not a RN, but a LPN. Anyways I was offered the job at a nursing home that I worked at as an aide. 3 months later, a friend told me about a job at a different nursing home that wasn't cutting hours. I applied there and got the job. Well I've been there for 5 months and was working PRN at the 1st job until I quit so I could get my vacation paid out to me (since I was working PRN they wouldn't let me use it and they wouldn't pay it out to me). Well just the other day the PRN job called ME and offered me a job again. I know the jobs aren't there like they used to be but it also makes me feel blessed that I have 2 places after me!
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    Congrats! I love reading about new grads getting jobs! I hope to be making a similar post soon! ;-)
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