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One of my colleagues has been having big time issues with her manager. Borderline harassment, documented all interactions including follow ups. Today it happened "by accident" She was with a colleague who was helping her... Read More

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    Dude, I don't understand this post one bit. Who said what to who?
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    Stay out of it.

    Person A and Manager B don't get along. Person C says that Manager B "said something" about Person A.

    First, it reads like the plot line of "Real Housewives of Medical County", with a petty catfight about to ensue after the commercial break.

    Person A does not know what was actually said, nor how it was said. Person A (in most cases) can be fired at the whim of Manager B. And in most cases, HR is more likely to believe the manager over the employee. And as this is something that was not heard "first hand", it is utterly worthless.

    In addition, by reporting it, what does your " friend" accomplish. Well, she gets Person C in hot water, and your "friend" gets a very hostile manager who, if s/he is smart will be more discrete in behavior, which is often more dangerous and underhanded. Your "friend" discredits herself by relating a "C told A that B said this about A", making A look really foolish and catty, to HR.

    Does it do any good for your friend? The odds are against it.
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    Quote from caroladybelle

    stay out of it.

    person a and manager b don't get along. person c says that manager b "said something" about person a.

    first, it reads like the plot line of "real housewives of medical county", with a petty catfight about to ensue after the commercial break.

    does it do any good for your friend? the odds are against it.

    nothing good can come of the "real" anything from anywhere- :d
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    Makes the boss a bad manager and a gossip......IF anything was said at all...heresay. I agree.....Stay out of it!
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    The new colleague is not a potted plant, she may be new to the
    workplace, but has experience working in nursing. She can decide for herself
    who on the team is a problem or not and decide what to do if she is
    confronted. I am referring to management or any other staff member.

    In the meantime, do as you have stay out of it.

    I have seen in some dysfunctional places, in a few weeks, they
    all become friends...:smackingf

    So, there is a lot to be said for staying out of the personality parades and just focusing on your job.
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    New employee will figure it out.
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    If my colleague shared this situation with me I'd say "Wow, what a though spot to be in. I hope you find a solution that works for you." And I'd promptly change the subject. In other words, MYOB. You are not involved, keep it that way.
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