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Holiday Gifts for PCT's - page 3

Do you give gifts to your PCT's/CNA's for the Holidays? If so, what have you done in the past? I would like to do something for them as I am so grateful for all of their hard work, especially being... Read More

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    I am a CNA in a LTC facility. Last year our nurse got the 6 of us (all the regulars on her unit) each big bottles of Bath and Body Works lotion and body wash, and a glass snowflake ornament.

    This year I am getting the other 5 regulars a mason jar with a pair of socks, pen, nail polish, lip gloss, small star cookie cutter, hot chocolate pack, and lindor truffles. Then I am getting my closest coworker, the one I talk to all the time outside of work, some prismacolor watercolor pencils, but I won't do that in front of the others.

    And then this year we are going all out for our nurse, each of us putting in $30-40 for a carton of cigarrettes, chocolate, coffee (for her to take home), cake, balloons, ice cream, lasagna, salad, soda, etc.

    I admit I am really feeling the pinch right now, since we will also be doing a baby shower for one of my coworkers next month, but once Christmas is over I'll just have to buckle down and save some $$$.