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    I always wanted to be a nurse but it took me over twenty years to do it as a second career. I only regret that I waited so very long to do it. I also regret not starting out on med/surg in the beginning. I am there now and enjoy it everyday.

    My number one tip for med/surg nurses is to connect with your patient, make eye contact and listen to what they have to say. They are someones mother,father, sister, brother, son, daughter etc. Wouldn't you want your family member treated that way ? Don't be afraid to show that you are human, that you have feelings and above all that you care.

    My second tip is to watch what you say about patients while you are at the nurses station. Believe it or not voices travel and patients can hear alot better than you think they can. Don;t embarass yourself by being caught saying something you really didn't mean.

    Never be afraid to call the doctor if you are concerned about your patient. That is why they are the doctor! So what if he/she gets mad--it is your license and the patients life on the line. He can go back to sleep.Tell them what the patient needs when they make rounds---approach them, they are human too- you are with the patient the whole shift , they spend ten minutes with them.

    Treat your coworkers with respect, especially the techs because they will save you alot of work by being there for your patients when you have to chart etc. Smile and be kind to the other nurses and help them if you can, it is better to be a team player than a disgruntled one.

    Be gentle with the elderly patients because they have seen alot more life than you and have earned some tender loving care. Move them gently, talk to them, and yes, you can even touch them. You might be surprised at how nice they are and how much knowledge they can share with you. Please treat them the way you would want your grandparents to be treated.

    Have empathy for the addicted souls that cross your path. Yes, they did bring it on themselves, but... who are we to judge? There is a person on the otherside of that behavior and we don't know what drove them to drugs, alcohol etc. We really need to believe that they are in pain---maybe it is psychological and not physical. We should not be so quick to label someone "drugseeking".

    Always quest for more knowledge to improve your practice and patient care. I try to learn something new everyday or apply something in a different way.

    Take time to smell the coffee, compliment a coworker, take a deep breath, and of course go to the bathroom. Take your breaks because if you don't take care of yourself, how can you care for your patients?

    And lastly, don't be afraid to feel sad, or down if you lose a patient because every now and then one of them will really touch you and it'll hurt to lose them. Remember the best things about them and that you gave them wonderful care. Be Proud YOU ARE A NURSE!
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  3. by   mckenzy
    hello nice message sir.hope you would still send some message..
    im a graduating nursing student ..from philipphines and u?
  4. by   betterlatethannever
    Very nicely done! I am a 2nd year student, and the nurses I met in my med/surg rotation last semester could have benefited from your article. I have to say med/surg looks like a lot of work, and some of the patients can be quite grumpy, but if more of us could have your attitude, I think things would be better all the way around. We need more nurses like you on med/surg floors. Keep up the good work!!
  5. by   class2008
    I just wanted to say that it was great to read your article. As a nursing student and future RN, I must state that I share your ideas and feelings. Thanks.
  6. by   fizz2Nurse
    Especially be nice to and help your aides/techs.

    Do this and two things happen

    - the best aides always want to work with you and those that are not the best sometimes seem to put in a bit more effort when working with you

    - the aides can bail your butt out of a spot by prevention or being a good pair of eyes or helping you when you need it

    great article you wrote.
  7. by   yoginurse2b
    Thanks for the valuable advise.
  8. by   valkyria
    thank you for putting down in simple true words for all to see. i hope many internalize what you have put down. i used to wonder why my professors would say, "first do a year on a med-surg floor, then you can always specialize later." i do not wonder anymore and i am glad that i did just that. i saw everything and anything during that year. i am a nurse with a strong foundation and ready for, i was going to say for anything, but you never say something like that in this career. i am ready to grow on from here. thanks again and brava
  9. by   saali
    thaaaaaaaaaanks for these valueble advice.....