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    Hey, just curious, what is the deal with hiccups and end of life. I was reading something yesterday and that is supposedly one of the signs of approaching death. I know I have seen this twice. Anybody else? And why?

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    Beats me. I worked in palliative care and before that in medicine where many patients passed away and I can't recall seeing hiccups before death.
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    Here's a link to a brief article:

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    Ah, that's different. That I have seen. I understood the OP as asking about hiccups just prior to death.
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    I've seen lots of people die, never seen any with hiccups. I'll be sure to watch for that next time.
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    This topic caught my eye as I had a pt last weekend with hiccups. Doctor prescribed xanax. Now I read that benzos aggravate hiccups!

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