1. Something New At Our Hospital..... Quinton Catheters With A Iv Line In It... A 3rd Access For Nurses...have You All Seen It/used It??? What's The Policy At Your Place ?? What Do You Flush With?? Give Me The Scoop !! Thanks. !!
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  3. by   ageless
    A quinton catheter is a central venous catheter and in our hospitals that addition IV line falls under the same policy and procedure as any other central line.
  4. by   barefootlady
    Agree with ageless. Unless otherwise instructed, use central line protocal for care and dressing changes. Dialysis nurses do care here.
  5. by   suzanne4
    There should be a set policy and procedure from your facility for this. This is new to me. In the past, Quinton catheters have been 100% only for dialysis and could only be accessed as an IV port in a code situation only.
  6. by   passing thru
    It Is A Quinton With A 3rd Access Site.... In The Middle Of The Two Quinton Ports, There Is A "pigtail"............... A Iv Line/ A Central Line. I Think It Is The Best Thing For Hemodyalysis Patients Since Sliced Bread........... But We Do Not Have Any Info On It.... No Orientation/// No Policy///
    Everyone's Running Around Saying "what's That ?"
  7. by   bobnurse
    we've had them for years....well arrow had a dialysis catheter with the "pig tail."
    We dont have any specific policy regarding its use....We use our central catheter policy to cover dressing changes and flushing. The doctor writes an order that nurses can use that specific "Brown" port. Its brown on the arrow caths....Its good to see other manufactures making a 3rd 'nurse' port.
  8. by   suzanne4
    I would speak to your education department, or manager ASAP. Just because the facility has a new piece of equipment doesn't mean that everyone has been approved for using it. If a problem happened and you went to court over it, you would be in a real pickle, because your facility has nothing to back you up with.
  9. by   passing thru
    Thanks For The Replies. Good Point Suzanne.
    A Hemodyalysis Nurse Called Our Manager And Said The I.v. Catheter Was Occluded. A Nurse Had Used It To Give Morphine Ivp. The Nurse Flushed It With Saline, No Heparin Flush , As Is The Policy Here For Central Lines.
    Well, No One Has Had Any Orientation, No Policy Established, The Manager Knows Less Than The Floor Nurses....
    So, The Manager Writes All The Nurses On Our Medical Unit That---no One Can Use The Catheter.... Period.
    That's The Way We Do Things In Podunk , Texas.

    Any Education Is Risky From The Manager's Point Of View.
    Ha Ha
    If Anyone Else Has Any Thoughts, Please Add Them.
    P.s., What's It Called??
    A Quentin With A Pigtail??
    What's These Lifesites?? Got The Scoop On Them??
    We Are Getting Lotsa Diabetic Patients With Infected Lifesites That Are Being Removed...
  10. by   sargentlpn03
    Could someone tell me usual protocol for care of a quinton cath before and after an IV ABT infusion. Recently I came across a situation at the nursing home where I work regarding this. Our DON was saying that LPN's could care for the site and infuse the ABT. Using alcohol preps only. None of LPN"s felt comfortable doing that nor had we ever worked with Quinton caths before. We had the patient moved to a the hall that always had RN's. But I am curious to what should have been done. The patient is a dialysis patient. Thanks Alot
  11. by   ageless
    The best answer I can give you is to call the dialysis center and talk with the nurse who cares for the patient there. He/She will know the exact type of catheter you are dealing with...different catheters require different ways to care for them. Some caths are made to only be cleaned with betadine because isopropyl alcohol based products (hibaclens) breaks down the polymers. Some caths require Hibaclens. Remember to use a mask!

    Each catheter requires you aspirate from the cath before using the port and each dialysis center has there own protocol for how to care for it after use. They will also know what type of dressing to use for this patient and cath. My suggestion would be to have them fax you a copy of all protocols..that way there is less confusion and there is a paper trail to cover your ***.

    Also, a quinton is a central line. It would be a good idea to find out if your state allows LPNs to care for them. Your BON should be able to give you that info. Be sure to call them and ask them for written documentation also.
  12. by   sargentlpn03
    Thanks alot for your help!