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My first day is tomorrow and I'm trying to decide what to wear into the hospital because we use the OR scrubs in my new department...what do other nurses do???!... Read More

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    Now be nice..... this is a new position and they just want to be sure they don't make a bad impression.

    OP.....You can wear whatever is "decent" in public...there isn't a "dress code" casual. Wear underwear and socks or whatever you normally wear under scrubs.

    Don't forget to bring your work shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good Luck!!!!
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    most of the nurses that wear hospital scrubs just wear in whatever - most kept socks/shoes in their lockers and wore flip flops or slip ons (even in cold weather)
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    Thank you for all the advice! It eased my anxiety about my decision of jeans and a t shirt. First day jitters done!
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    Haha good for you!! After the first few days I was looking around and realizing most of the guys were coming in wearing their pajamas!!! I don't think I'd ever have the guts! The women mostly wear jeans or sweat with flip flops.
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    I would check your hospital dress policy. We are not allowed to wear jeans, sweats, shorts, capris, or skirts without nylons! I just do casual khakis. Also wear a tank under my shirt because I like having it on under my scrub top.

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