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I'm just looking for a little bit of advice and for my dilemma to make sense, I will back-track a bit (sorry in advance if it seems too personal). I have been a CNA for the past ten years-seven... Read More

  1. by   sarbo1010
    I know you are heartbroken right now, but this will probably lead to better things. It sounds like your manager did not communicate with human resources and I would accept that the reason you didn't get hired is because they have filled all positions. Sucks, but probably true. With that in mind, you tell the next job there are no available positions that you are interested in at the hospital that you currently work, that - whatever the job is that you are applying for is your passion and you are seeking a position in the field you have chosen. I have been "forced" out of a position that I thought I really wanted in similar situation and in retrospect it was absolutely the best thing for my future.
    It sounds like you are very focused and proactive, you will do great. Now go out there and grab the world by the ass.
  2. by   bunnehfeet
    I'm so sorry this happened to you. But thank you for posting it. Because basically this happened to me too, and I've had a hard time getting over it. My partner of 14 years imploded our relationship, in part because nursing school has kept me so busy the last several years. This happened right as I was starting my last semester of nursing school and was working my ass off to get my dream job, which I was poised to get. I resolved to tough it out and not let it ruin what I had worked for.

    The hospital where I did my final practicum (in a specialty where only two other students were allowed to have practicum) was my dream job. I interviewed with the hospital system for their new grad program, and the manager in my department gave me a verbal offer. The recruiter and HR at the hospital never followed up, and when I inquired of the manager she said that she actually didn't have any openings after all. Note, this is for October, and I got the offer in April. Other classmates of mine in the same specialty program who were also accepted got offers because the hospital they were at (same system different facility, far from where I live) had a manager who fought to make sure they got spots. So not only was I offered a job and had it taken away, I got to watch my friends get positions that I didn't get - all while my personal life, including where I live, my base of financial and emotional support was ripped out from under me. I'm graduating today with my BSN - and no one will be there to see it.

    However. I had applied to every new grad program and interviewed a lot and I got a very good offer (from a bedside experience and financial standpoint) from another hospital system's nurse residency program. It's not what I planned - at all. But it will help me get back on my feet, because no one is going to be there for me - but me, so I have to be pragmatic. I'm thankful for that. I'll get some good experience and then hopefully transition into what I really want to do after my year contract is up. I haven't widely shared my post graduation plans because I had told people (foolishly) about the verbal offer for my dream job, and now I'm too humiliated to admit that I actually failed to get that job and more or less settled for something else. I feel like it means there is something wrong with me. Even though in my heart I know that's not true.

    I'm sorry you have to go through this. You're not alone. You've worked hard for this. Hang on, and find something to fill the gap while you make a new plan. Succeed in spite of this - as another poster said - is the best advice. I'm going to try and do that too. You didn't do anything wrong. Neither did I. That's the thing I wish someone would tell me - so I'm saying it to you. This is a thing that happened to you that wasn't your fault. Don't let it define you. Let it give you strength. Good Luck.
  3. by   amoLucia
    to bunnehfeet - wishing you congrats on your graduation!!!

    Also, no need to feel low down in that you did NOTHING to effect the fall-through of your desired promised position, It didn't happen through any fault of yours.

    Karma is karma.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   RNtoFNP20yrs
    I WOULD ALSO caution you on working as a CNA with an RN license. If you continue to stay on as a CNA, regardless of the fact you're not working in an RN capacity at your current facility, per most BON's, if you're presented with a situation, as you hold a current RN license, you will be expected to act as an RN and be held accountable to how a prudent RN would handle a situation.

    Because you now have an RN license, you are expected to act as such.
  5. by   Fatsacktommy
    It states that Sally (Name change) and Sarah to transition to RN Role.

    She told me that it meant she knew I was getting my nursing license, not that I would be working there.

    Yes, Sally did get the job.

    BUT! I have applied to other jobs and am in contact with a near-by hospital that has a residency program (two hour drive, but I feel the pros outweigh the cons) I'm hoping to get out ASAP d/t the fact that I am a tech working with an RN License and I don't feel comfortable with that (My director did say that she checked with HR policy and it state that I was allowed to keep my current position regardless of my license. I am in contact with HR myself to ensure the policy is actually there).