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I work as a ADON that is 15 minutes from my home. I like my job, a lot less stress than home health. I am home around 6:30 every night and do not work many weekends and no holidays. BUT I am making much less than HH. My son is in... Read More

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    I'm really surprised you would make less money and stress as an ADON. I thought home health care was low paying either pay by the visit or on salary and long hours of paperwork! I thought home health care was suposed to be low stress. Curious about the difference in jobs, work in a hospital and find it very high stress.

    If your son wants to go to school he needs to go to a cheap state college and minimize the student loans. Do research on student loans, esp parent plus loans, not always a good deal, the interest rate is on the high side for the economy and their is no bankruptcy option or consumer protections. Many people are getting in over their head with parent plus loans and they will even garnish social security if need be to get their money! It is pretty easy to get in over your head with student loans, the govt and the banks will give people as much as they want because they no you have no way out and they will follow you for the rest of your life!
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    Adamsmom, what everyone else said was true. Adam probably will appreciate his education more if he has to work for it. He will likely study harder if he knows it's his money going down the drain if he flunks out, but at the same time, depending on how you raised him, he isn't likely to waste your hard earned cash by partying and not studying or throwing it all away and dropping out after a few semesters. I'm not suggesting you give him a blank check and send him on his merry way, because I doubt very seriously you would do that to begin with. I do think you might be more inclined to assist him with his tuition/books and housing and/or food. The things Moms worry about when their kids are out on their own. That, and if they have clean clothes to wear. If he has a good head on his shoulders, good enough to get through Optometry School, he will succeed, even if he has to find his own way through, maybe with a little help from Mom. That way, you both feel good about it.
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    What nobody in this thread has even suggested: Adjust your expenses.

    There are two ways to have liquidity: more income or less expenses. Ideally, you would do both, but increasing income isn't worth the stress to you. Is there expenses that you don't need? Do you watch enough TV to justify having cable? Do you use your cell phone to justify it's cost or can you switch to a different plan? Is your home worth what you are paying for it or can you move to somewhere less expensive and still be happy? Also, scrutinize your food expenses... that's a black hole right there. Especially with a teenager! Personally, I stick to $100 a month per person in the house for food.

    Most people have some areas in their personal budget for reduction. Prioritize and see what you can cut. You'd be surprised at the money saved!
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    You know who sucks as co-workers? People who are there for the money only, who hate their job, and let everyone know that the only reason we have to put up with them is paying for their kids ____________ (medical school, college, what have you).
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    My parents aren't wealthy at all and work labor type jobs that dont pay too well. They paid for some of my tuition. Most of it was academic scholarships, a few grants and money I started earning at 16 at jobs. I worked nearly every weekend as a high schooler. I valued it all . I was a very competitive student and couldnt settle for doing poorly or less than I am capable. I would not want to waste my parents money and had a difficult time accepting the little they provided. I only became an underachiever in later years. It is not always the case that we dont value things just because someone else paid for them. However, I wouldnt leave a job i liked for one i disliked for more money for that reason. Your son is still young don't forgo your own happiness or retirement completely.

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