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Good nursing research presentation topics

  1. 0 Help! I am in nursing school and I am currently taking a nursing research class. I am to do a presentation on any topic with the use of only nursing research articles. I can look for the articles but I have no idea what to do my presentation on. TOO many people did pressure ulcers So i want to stay away from that topic. Any ideas?
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    Is this just a simple presentation or a specified research proposal for an extended period? Example: When I was in my BSN program our research class requirement was to research a subject (similar to the thesis req. for msn) for a period of 2 full semesters that had not had a great deal of information or previous research on. Or just something you have to look up things already researched with findings to present?
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    Yes, I just have to look up things already researched. I need 5 research articles done by nurses which is why I want a "popular" topic.
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    Infection control
    pain control

    just a couple that should have tons of literature...
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    Hi there. we had a cns for pediatric pain management come talk to our presentation class a couple of weeks ago. she stated that on our local kids hospital, the pain management team is trying to wean the staff off of prescribing codeine for kids. she said some people show no metabolic evidence of it, some people overdose on tiny amounts, and it causes constipation. she said there was a study that showed up to 35% of kids who had recently prescribed codeine showed no evidence of it being in their system when they did bloodwork. the next week went to do a clinical rotation at the kids hospital, very 1st pt had codeine for #leg - apparently the ortho service is renowned for their stubborness about codeine. just a suggestion. not sure how much/how easy it would be to research, but I'D sure like to know more!
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    Sleep and circadian rhythms - something that affects and plagues nurses with sleep deprivation and how it affects judgement, medication errors, etc. Surely theres quite abit on this and its not wound care.
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    I suggest browsing the major journals to see what topics are "plentiful." Choose a topic that both interests you and for which you see lots of articles published.

    Too many students make the mistake of doing it the other way around. They pick a topic that sounds good to them and them hope that they can find articles easily. The other way around is easier. Start by identifying the topics for which there are a lot of articles (by browsing the journals) -- then pick one of those topics.

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    I just took that class last semester. I did mine on pain management in the elderly ( or lack therof really). Turned out pretty good. I got an A anyway!

    Look into evidence based nursing research.
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    i did 'handwashing compliance' before. but i think lacie's suggestion of medical errors is a good topic. ;-)