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Hi All, I need to get a glucometer to use in a research study on multiple participants. I have 2 questions: 1. What glucometer do you like? 2. what single use disposable lancets do you like? Your help is very much... Read More

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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    I think we must use a different kind of glucometer. Like GrnTea said, with the standard kind that uses a different disposable test strip for each use, I don't see where there's a risk for cross contamination.
    It isn't just the blood, anything else in their enviornment, c dif spores etc. Sometimes i think it was proposed by the machine makers or wipes makers...just to make more money. Were I work, they bought the least exp. machines, in quanity, and patients get there own.
    trying to do 6-8 FSBS within the correct time frame, while allowing the machine to air dry....not going to happen.
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    Viruses like Hep B can survive outside the body for 7 days. Indirect contact transmission (when the patient never contacts the meter) can occur when the HCP pricks the finger and handles the test strip (b/c their hands become contaminated). This process has been implicated in numerous Hep B outbreaks. Even if there's no visible blood on the meter, there's still a risk for contamination. I sat in on a presentation about this at an Epi Conference when I worked in VA.
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    The CDC guidance says to clean according to the manufacterers guidelines.