Fun Seminar Topic Ideas

  1. Please help! I have to present a seminar next week and the topic has to relate to nursing. I'd like to keep it fun yet informative. If you've read any interesting research or know of a simple product demonstration that I (2nd semester student) can do, please share. Any weird tricks/tips , such as how to handle difficult situations in ethics, or avoiding med errors. All I've thought of is Cpap/Bipap machine demonstration. Thanks for your input!
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  3. by   HouTx
    Why not take the time to discuss a facet of your state nurse practice act? There are many areas that may be confusing for new grads such as continuing education requirements, delegation rules, etc. These may not be 'fun', but I am sure the topic will be interesting.
  4. by   raincitynurse
    What about pediatric urine collection bags?
    Also, there is some great information out there regarding heel sticks for neonates and pain control...evidence based studies.
  5. by   teeniebert
    how about proper care of indwelling urinary catheters and bags? regular vs. leg bags and switching between them; privacy/dignity bags; maybe bladder irrigation; right and wrong places to hang the drainage bag; perineal care of a person with a catheter; how to get a clean-catch urine sample...
    in school the focus was on inserting and removing catheters, not so much care and maintenance. the above things I've had to learn on the job from experienced nurses and aides.