First Code Blue on my patient! - page 2

i'm a relatively new grad; i just finished my first year on a telemetry floor. last night i had my first patient code. now i've assisted with other code blues, but have never had it happen to my... Read More

  1. by   miss_c
    Thanks everyone for the replys and kind words. I needed them!
  2. by   JSlovex2
    i'm sure that was scary. i can't speak from experience because i'm not finished with school yet, but even working in a hospital i haven't experienced a code thus far. i'm not looking forward to it - obviously.

    i'll bet it's a helpless feeling and one you won't forget. like they say (and it's true) time heals all wounds. if you don't know it already, you'll figure it out that it wasn't your fault. you did your best and that's all you can do.
  3. by   Five&Two Will Do
    I remember when I was a CNA watching the code team work on a patient in our nursing home at the VA where I work. I was filled with anxiety and felt totally helpless yet the RN and RT and MD were running this code and managing small talk during the 2 min cycles! I was convinced at that point that I would learn as much as I could and someday participate in codes. Some people really don't like to be in a code situation. If there is an emergent event, I wanna be there. After getting ACLS I really did get to start participating more. I have been to a good number of codes now. They do not always live, and I always wonder if there was something that we missed. It is ok to feel the way you feel. Keep your chin up! This only a small part of what we do