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Fired. Yes, I was fired by the state agency I was working for as an RN just a few weeks before my probation ended. They said that they will not tell me the cause of my being fired. They only said that I "was not a fit" and that... Read More

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    Quote from Ms.RN
    What is the point of probationary period if employer can fire you for any reasons after the probationary period?
    Only before the end of the probationary period.

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    Do you h ave a sense of why they chose to fire you? I think to move on you kind of need to be able to address that question with potential new employers.
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    Sorry to hear of your misfortune, especially at this time of year. Details aside of my saga, I was just honest with the DON that interviewed me about what happened at my previous position, and she thanked me for being honest and was very willing to give me the chance to "get back on the horse". Hope you land a better job this time around
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    Thank you all very much for your helpful comments!! I think from your comments, I should do these (1). Contact a lawyer (is there any help if it was probation time? again, my funds are running out!!), (2). be honest in my applications (3), apply for unemployment benefits, (4), think through what could have led to the firing.
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    Do #2,3,4. Generally, if you're within your probationary period, you can be let-go for any reason, or none at all. Many times, state employees become a LOT more difficult to unload after their probationary time ends so they'll get rid of people right before then. It's something you can do little about except to do your job as well as you know how so that the firing won't be for clinical reasons.
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    Quote from ColleenRN2B
    HA HA!! If it's state, it's union! Not in my state!! Our Gov. has vowed to bust unions, and he effectively has. Please do not think you are safe b/c you are "union" =( Other states are following "our" lead too
    Are you from Michigan???
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    Quote from Rob72
    Only before the end of the probationary period.
    Not if you are in an "AT WILL" state.....they can still do pretty much as they please......
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    And if you were in your probationary period it would be a waste of money to consult a lawyer........

    Is there anyone you were friendly with who might be able to give you a clue why they let you go? This would be helpful so that history does not repeat itself in the future. I think it is crummy they did not tell you.
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    Quote from HThornie
    Are you from Michigan???

    Nope, Wisconsin....

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